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BrowncoatGarrus with the help of Ewoleth

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Adds my version of Velvet Velour as a companion

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Some announcements:
- Unfortunately, I forgot to mention that she can't exit Power Armor in the current version.  Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
- Secondly, while I would not say this mod is 'dead' I can say that I have a lot of other things going on and other projects that are taking up my modding time, eventually this will be updated to a Post-GECK full companion, but I cannot say when this will happen.  Again, I am sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause.
- Thanks to all of you who did download this mod and enjoyed it.

First off I want to give a HUGE thanks to Ewoleth!  This mod wouldn't be possible without the AI packages and general set up for companions that she let me use for this!  Drop by and give her some Kudos!


I created a companion based off of Velvet Velour from VTMB.  She looks as close to the original as I could get her to be.  She is wearing a slightly modified version of Irma's dress - it uses what ever textures that dress does (so if you have a retex that will change her appearance too) her clothes are armored a bit more though than they usually would be.  She carries a PPK - little more power than standard deliverer chambered in vanilla .38 (.32 ACP if you got my rename file).  She does use ammo because I could not figure out how to make it unlimited. 

Install using Nexus Mod Manager.  You can manual install too if you want.

How to get her:

First, pull up the console (~ key) and search (no quotes) "help velvet 4" hit enter.  Find her ID in the list.

Type (no quotes) "placeatme xx000800" xx - your load order hit enter exit console (~ key)

See where she popped up at, usually right in front of you.  Pull the console again.

Left click on her then type (no quotes) "setplayerteammate 1"

Close console and you should be all set.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that you need to go into her inventory and pick up the VV follow/stay item and equip or else she will just chill out and not follow you around.


Azar's Ponytails by azarkiowa
And that's all you need.

Future plans:

For now, the only thing I can say for certain that I will be doing is improving functionality.  Once the GECK comes out I can place her in the world so you do not need console commands.  I do not know how to do this with out the GECK.

azarkiowa for the hair model
Ewoleth for the AI packages and basic companion behavior set-up

Tools and tutorials that helped me out:

The Bodyslide/Outfit Studio - edited Irma's outfit with it.
FaceRipper helped me give VV her face.
Elianora's tutorial - also helped me with editing the outfit.

Suggested Mods: (Not Required)

For the PPK I have this Retexture by PrimaryInsomnia
For VV herself I have a few visual mods as well:
ThBrows by TrophiHunter
HDEyes by Drumber
Realistic Hair by shred666
I think that's all I have that will effect her appearance - sorry if I forgot any.

My other mods:
New Calibers
Coonan 1911 Pistol
Featherless Feathered Dress

Special Thanks:
The guys at FO4Edit for their awesome tool, cannot overstate it's usefulness
Ewoleth wouldn't be able to make this without her
azarkiowa for the hair model
The nexus mods crew for providing this web site
The guys and gals at Bethesda for an awesome, mod-able game
Godd Howard
Joss Whedon for making Firefly even though it really has nothing to do with this mod at all.

Keep Flying and Stay Shiny!