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Plain old fireaxe with lots of mods. It's even got an orange grip, because orange is fucking neat.

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A staple of the wasteland, strangely omitted from The Commonwealth. 

The fire axe is here, and it's shocking. 

This axe has three different grips, two different heads, two different handles, and one extra mod, a shock attachment. This axe can be found on raiders, gunners, and even super mutants. It's pretty viable even into late game because of it's heavy modability, and even if you don't want to use it, it could make a nice wall ornament. 

Thanks to Nestquik for helping me out with moddability. 


Adds an AWKCR option, and a FOMOD installer. I've tested this with a few people so it should work fine, but please let me know if you have problems. 

This patch also removed a few needless keywords, so lower your keyword count today! 

I might shove more mods into this as I make them and put them on other weapons as well, but for now this guy is pretty complete.

However, once creation kit comes out I will be adding a unique version of this axe that you'll have to either find in the wasteland or fight a boss enemy for. I'll be doing this for all of my weapon mods. 

Please report any issues you have to me in the comments or bugs section right away, I'll fix it I swear

Also, user submitted screenshots are always welcome! I love getting this, and I'll pop your name in the bottom right and put them in the official mod screenshots if they're really pretty. 

Also side note, if you make music you should toooottallllyyy contact me, so I can use it in some of my new mod videos! You know, the mods that don't exist yet. 

- Your voice is so dreamy. 

- I don't think anyone has ever said this to me. 

- This weapon isn't showing up, raiders don't spawn with it, but they spawn with another weapon. 

- You need to make a Bashed/Merged patch in FO4Edit, yo. I've got a video for you.



- Are you ok

- Yeah my Councillor said I was on "The edge of normal" so I'm clinically fine. 

- I love you so much that I want to support you in every way I can, but I also am poor. 

- Check out my other mods, or my twitter/youtube pages. Give Nick and I some love, it's much appreciated! :)