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Take on the role of the Punisher and avenge your family

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Your partner murdered in cold blood, your child abducted and a cruel, unforgiving world full of enemies awaiting you. Pull on your black leather coat and set out to avenge your family and destroy anyone that gets in your way.

You can craft the coat with the Armorsmith workbench or type "help Punisher 4" in the console to acquire the ID to spawn it. This is my first mod/texture, so constructive feedback is welcome.

It provides the same damage resistance as the Silver Shroud armour to guarantee that authentic Commonwealth vigilante feeling. Upgrade options are available through Armorsmith Extended.

The pipboy I used in the images can be found here:
Rusty Black Pip-Boy

Many thanks to btn2k3 for helping me turn this into a standalone mod.
Credit to Battousai124 for Armorsmith Extended integration.