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This is a resource/master file for my other mods. It hosts the latest version of CROSS_CosmeticFramework.esm, meta mods that are rely on two or more of my smaller releases.

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Links to all CROSS projects:

CROSS Pre-War Cybernetics
CROSS Uni Scarf
CROSS Uni BoS Uniform
CROSS Outfits and Accessories
CROSS Mismatched Eyes: Blind Eyes
CROSS Familiar Eyepatch and Horn
CROSS Circular Glasses
CROSS Uni Headset
CROSS Ballistic Mask
CROSS Institute TechMask
CROSS Jetpack

This is a centralized resource/Metamod for other mods under the CROSS umbrella. Nothing here will do anything without one or more of them.

At its core it is just a list of OMODs that swap between palette indexes and cosmetic armatures, some MISC references to provide color descriptions, some generic dynamic naming keywords, as well as the COBJ records that correlate to those OMODS.

Technically anyone could use this framework with their own paletted/armature swap custom item mods, but I would advise against it as this resource may change at some point.

For those interested this framework uses 2 ma_ keywords that do add to the overall keyword cap, these are the only cap related keywords across all of my mods.

Part of this resource mod is leveled lists. Because crafting everything at a AWKCR bench is a bit boring, and finding new stuff in the world makes it feel more immersive. The Leveled lists optional file currently adds the Ballistic mask and the Uni Headset to various NPCs around the commonwealth, it will add more complex things like the Cybernetics Armatures when the CK/GECK is released.

Leveled lists currently requires:
CROSS BallisticMask
CROSS Uni Headset

Added new records that can be used by other mods without actually requiring this file as a master.
-The idea here is to make all my mods work independently, with this Framework providing additional customization options.