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Small mod to increase the accuracy of companions/workbench robots in combat.

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It's kind of frustrating to watch your companions try to fight sometimes. I understand that they're not supposed to be highly trained marksmen (not all of them anyway) but even a bloody 'journalist' should be able to get one bullet in ten to hit a ghoul with no goddamn legs.

It was only when my favourite character murdered me with a car that I decided to do something about it.

Compatible with NPC face/appearance mods, except for Danse and Curie (They're optional files)

    This mod increases the accuracy of all the companions in the game to levels one would expect of the wastelanders, robots with rangefinders built into their heads and highly trained soldiers that they are.

    They're not perfect, and some are definitely still more at home bludgeoning their enemies to death with their own limbs (looking at you, strong) but they can hold their own and can actually watch your back effectively with ranged weapons.

    It's worth noting that this mod can make the game quite a bit easier depending on how you play. Also, the weapons used by companions affects their accuracy quite heavily so pay attention to what you give them. With a decent rifle the effects are remarkable:

'They really are messing with the best now.

(I edited the bullet trails to make them more obvious)

The mod was made simply by editing the companions' combat styles in FO4edit beta. Check that out if you haven't.

I've also included an optional file to make workbench robots more effective, that will of course require the Automatron DLC.

EDIT: Now Danse and Curie accuracy mods are optional downloads. They require the main file to be installed to function, and they are not compatible with mods that alter their faces/voices/whatever.


Copy the .esp files into your fallout 4/Data folder. Make sure to activate mods (link in the ReadMe) and be sure to place CompanionAccuracy.esp above the optional files in the load order

    I haven't made any changes to the NPC files themselves except for synth Curie and Danse (who used some weird template rather than a proprietary combat AI) so conflict should be minimal. Feel free to inform me of any major problems.
    Not compatible with the Arbitration (http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2037/?) combat AI modifications for those who asked. The grenade spam and damage to player files cause no conflict though. Arbitration makes NPCs more deadly across the board while this mod focuses on making companions more unique and effective - you could always install both and put CompanionAcc lower in your load order to get the best of both worlds (might rarely cause issues).

    I'd highly recommend an infinite ammo mod for your companions if you're downloading this: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6233/?


v0.6: Main change is to paladin Danse. He should advance towards enemies more now.
Also edited Preston to be more accurate - I felt he needed it with his laser musket being so slow to fire.

v0.61: Gave Hancock a little boost to Accuracy relative to the others. He should be a better shot than piper after all, given his history. He's still beaten by Deacon and Mac in hit chance.