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Adds a new standalone sword to the game.

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Menace - Standalone Sword
By Billyro


This mod adds a new sword called Menace to Fallout 4.

Version 1 had a stupid error on my part (the .esp was dependant on the Regent.esp, which would have caused issues for people who didn't also use Regent) so I had hidden the mod. I got contacted by Gambit77 recently who offered to remake the .esp file, and now the mod is back up for download.

You will have to obtain the weapon through the use of console commands. Type the following commands to get it in-game.

Thanks to NorthWind for the video.

Scot has made an addon to this mod which allows you to have the sword on your back. You can check it out here

"Menace: a fitting name for the essence of the blade. Wrought of high carbon steel, this fiend was forged by a talented blacksmith and warrior, to combat the raiders who had overrun his home - a large trading settlement in the Capital Wasteland. The sword - adhering to its name - managed to be taken instead by the raider leader, who then used it to execute the very man who forged it. This raider kept the sword for many years, winning many battles and slaying many of his foes.
   Expanding his forces, the raider managed to start a small 'empire', as he called it. His forces were strong, and with Menace in hand, he flew into battle with many enemies: ghouls, super mutants, Brotherhood of Steel... He felt seemingly invincible. He could carve his way through bloody skirmishes, and needn't to worry about the blade failing him. It was solidly built, and required minimal maintenance. With his head held high, he turned his gaze towards a new horizon: he headed for the Commonwealth.
   The raider's luck would, however, eventually run out; the Menace - once again adhering to its name - came loose in the raider's grip and spiralled away in the heat of battle. The raider was killed... his body left to rot.
   The sword was found shortly after, and obtained by the one who had delivered the final blow. Menace went along with its new owner: a person out of time, wearing a Vault suit with the digits "111" on the back. Menace was about to wreak havoc on the Commonwealth."

So yeah, not very original, I suppose, but I guess it'll do. Unfortunately, I cannot actually make it so one particular raider has the sword yet, but perhaps once the CK is out. 

Below you will find a different story of the Menace - this time of Chinese origin, and written by Nophatus.

"The Menace. A sword grasped only by Cheng, the chairman of the Asian ruling body that supposedly launched a nuclear devastation against the United States so long ago. 
   In the year 2076, one year before the apocalypse, Chairman Cheng used this very blade to cut down his rival politician, President Zin, who had declared his will to surrender before America. This sword was gifted to Cheng from the presidency as a token of service, and in return he used it to pierce Zin's chest twelve times while he slept in his quarters. He would not give in to the United States during this war, and he was determined to ascend to presidency through inheritance. However, despite the President's death, if Cheng were to be caught, he would not receive the power he desired. Instead, he would likely be executed.
   As a procedure to ensure the justification of his innocence, he snuck into his daughter's bedroom and hid the blood-coated blade under her bed. The following morning, a maid came into her room to serve breakfast and remove her old sheets. Deliberately attempting to cause a scene, Cheng also entered the room as he normally would to wake her and discuss today's agenda. Subtly, he offered to help the maid change her sheets, and pulled the sword from under the bed. Shouting and cursing convincingly, he called palace guards to take her away for trial. She was executed by lethal injection on February 3rd 2077.
   The blade was taken away by authorities, and placed on a memorial to Zin, as well as Cheng's daughter. After now ascending to presidency, Cheng had the power to conduct his will for total atomic annihilation.
Now, the sword is named 'The Menace', referring to the Chinese similarly as 'The Red Menace'. It was blown away to an unknown location after the bombs fell on the fateful day of October 23rd 2077."

-Chinese Menace Lore written by Nophatus


Shouldn't conflict with anything. Except raiders: they'll probably get killed. 

Known Issues:

None that I know of. 


The standard procedure. If you're unfamiliar with installing mods, watch this (manual installation) or watch this (NMM installation).


Please notify me if you want to use this model in a custom mod. Do not upload elsewhere unless I give you permission. 

Tools Used and Credits:

3DS Max 2016
Material Editor

Humus, for the cubemap
Gambit77, for remaking the .esp file