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This is a green grass version of the Spring in the Commonwealth mod. It inludes green grass and spring time flowers.

Permissions and credits
Green Commonwealth
- A Performance Friendly Grass Mod -

- Update v1.5.1 - 
Version 1.5.1 is up. In it I have changed some variation of flowers and density of flowers. I have added Solomon's Seal and Clover. I have removed dandelions, but kept them in Spring in the Commonwealth, as they fit better the overall look there.

- Description -

This is a green grass version of the Spring in the Commonwealth mod. I chose to make a seperate mod page for this version since these two grass mods might go in different directions. The mod inludes green grass and spring time flowers (new meshes, textures and materials), plus adding more grass thanks to Gorgeous Grasses, by Doodlezoid, and color thanks to A little bit of Green, by Dragonalex155. This means it will have a performance hit in comparison to the vanilla version, but it is a lightweight version of gorgeous grasses, so it will run smoother than the original Gorgeous Grasses mod. I do not have a monster computer, therefore my aim with my mods is to have them running without big performance losses. 

I recommend that you run this mod together with A little bit of Green if you want all that extra green stuff. This mod only covers the grass. If you use a little bit of green, make sure to install this mod after that one and choose to replace the files from a little bit of green with the files from this mod. 

- Updates -

I'll be working on adding another version of this mod, with bit lighter green color. So expect it to be up soon as well. Otherwise, please let me know if there is any issues with the mod, so that I know what I can work on to make it better. 

- Installation - 

Use NMM or copy the content of the .zip into your fallout 4 data folder.

- Credit -

Doodlezoid for Gorgeous Grasses
Dragonalex155 for A little bit of Green
- Vurt for Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Just to be clear about permission, from SFO, I have only used textures, and these are the permission statements for SFO: