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Dynamically control additional spawns in game, choosing different levels for Humans, Ghouls, Super Mutants, Robots and Animals

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What Does This Mod Do?

Gives you more things to shoot.

How does it do that?

A script runs in game (not a very large script, don't worry) which clones NPCs as the game spawns them.

Why do it this way?

Doing it this way should result in fewer compatiblity issues, and it lets me add a nice in game menu for controlling the new spawns. My older mod, More Spawns, worked by generating thousands NPC records, and required completely separate downloads if you wanted Low/Medium/High or wanted a different assortment of creatures on your game. Not only does scripting the mod obviate the need for me to generate custom variants (I never really minded, but still), but you can change the amount of spawns in the game while it's running. This is very useful because some regions of the world are much more demanding on your PC than others, so it is helpful to be able to have more spawns in rural areas and then lower it a bit for the Financial District and Lexington.

How do I use it?

There should be an item at the top of your Aid section called "MoreSpawns Configuration Settings." If there isn't, use "help MoreSpawns 4" in the console and add the ALCH item that shows up.

Compatibility Notes

Anything that edits Levelled NPCs (Actors) will likely conflict with this mod.


Requires the Automatron DLC, and will probably require every other official DLC as soon as they are released as well.

Your FPS will drop

You've been warned.

Here's a demo showing off More Spawns Scripted running alongside Commonwealth Spawns Extended. In the video I configured them waaaaay too aggressively just for shits and giggles. You can see places where enemy AI bugs out because there are just way too many NPCs on screen. The overall effect is actually a lot more playable if you configure CSE to have "small" group sizes, and then let More Scripts clone those just like it does vanilla NPCs.

Is it buggy?

At present, there is a known issue that can cause the cloner to potentially spawn very large hordes. I've improved the cleaning mechanism substantially, and after playing through most areas of the game, have found that it is very rare.

What is going on is that cloned NPCs are always the exact same type of NPC as their original, and this includes any scripts the original may have, including the cloning script itself. This *sounds* catastrophic, and for a while it was, but as soon as you leave an area, all clones are destroyed, so in practice it doesn't matter 99% of the time. The remaining edge case occurs when you travel back and forth across a cell boundary repeatedly, while there are enemies 5 cells away (based on your uGridsToLoad setting), also close to a cell boundary. The game fires the OnCellLoad() event repeatedly without also calling the OnCellDetach() or OnCellUnload() events to clean up the clones.

I was able to produce this reliably, prior to my recent cleanup improvements, using the random dog and radstag spawns near Abernathy Farm. It hasn't happened once in that location since, but I did see it happen somewhere else (once, in 36 hours of game time with no cell resets).

The solution to any mob hordes that do spawn is to cause a cell reset by sleeping in an interior. You'll need to be aware of your cell reset time (I suggest 72 hours or less in general, but it's particularly helpful here) when doing this.

In the long term, I can 100% deterministically resolve this issue by spawning clones based not on the original NPC record, but based on a copy of that record that does not have the cloning script attached. This has the down side that there will be cases where the clone is not exactly like the original, because I'm not going to make a copy of every NPC record in the game. So, I would have a limited list of different enemy types (like Raider, RaiderMelee, GunnerSniper, GunnerExplosive, and so on), but then the sort of on-off NPC types like EncRaiderAggro1200 would have generic Raider clones generated from them. This isn't ruinous, but it will create situations where enemy ambushes and similar things get botched because of extra guys walking around who don't quite work the way the normal ones do. I will eventually do this, but I can't say when. It's a lot of work for a small gain with a problematic down side, so I'm not very motivated. Truth.