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Adds two stand alone outfits to the game for VANILLA male and female.

Permissions and credits

For Vanilla Male and Female

Adds two standalone outfits for vanilla male and female. A combination of casual and dapper. Originally both made for my sosu I decided to clean them up and release them.

How to Install
AWKCR version requires AWKCR! Will cause CTD otherwise!
Gopher Tutorial for how to install with NMM

How to Obtain
Chem workbench; both under utilities.
Armorsmith Workbench; Corvega is under Dapper, Highwayman is under Casual
Console; Corvega XX000826, Highwayman XX000823

Known Issues
Corvega male and female versions, zooming in & up at jeans snap/zip in flycam will allow you to see the abyss. 
Normal clipping occurs on both outfits such as when you are sitting your hand will go through pants. 

Further Info
I will not be doing a CBBE, JB, etc. version of this. You may make a CBBE version for personal use however. 
I will not be adding super grudge versions. 
I will likely add other outfits to this as I make them.
Called Chryslus Clothing because my other option was Hambulger Attacks; Hashbrown and Mayo. I name good.

Jordan1q2 for Jeans texture/mesh from JC - Shirt and Jeans
Nifskope Team
Bodyslide Team
FO4Edit Team

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