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This mod simply removes all the tawdry Halloween decorations from the game. It's been 200 years...

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The Fallout 4 world looks like it has been only 2 years, not 200, since the bombs fell.

This mod removes those tawdry Hallowen decorations: banners, posters, wall decals and plastic pumpkins.

I know the bombs fell just before Halloween, but seriously, seeing all those remaining decorations was an immersion killer for me.

There were a few plastic pumpkins in the vendor and container levelled lists - I've left them alone.

XBONE and PS4 versions available.

Just drop "No Halloween Decorations.esp" into your Data folder and enable it using your favourite mod manager.

Load order - load this mod before any mods that alter interior or exterior cell lighting or it will retain the vanilla cell fog and lighting conditions in edited cells. Such mods that should be loaded after my mod are: "Remove Interior Fog", "Foggy Rooms Defogged", "FogOut" and "Interiors Enhanced". There is no load order conflict with "Fog of War", "Fog No More" and "Radiant Clouds and Fogs".

Made using FO4EDIT.

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