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This adds the Vertibird Signal Grenade to the alchemy station.

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Caution. If you do not know what a Vertibird Signal Grenade is, or for what it is used, do not use this mod or you will spoil yourself.

DescriptionSince I don't like the normal fast travel, but rather enjoy the glorified fast travel by using a Brother of Steel Vertibird, I made this little mod. It adds the Vertibird Signal Grenade to the alchemy station, and depending on which file you choose to install, it will enable you to spend the signal grenades more freely. 

Installation. Either use the mod manager of your choice, or move the .esp file into the Fallout 4 Data folder and add "vertibirdgrenade.esp" to the plugins.txt file located in USER/AppData/Local/Fallout4. See Gopher's tutorial on manually installing mods.

2015-11-18 Original upload
2015-11-19 Added two optional downloads, a more costly and a cheaper version.