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Adds EyeBots to the Robot Workbench as proper constructible, customizable companion robots as they should've been, including Sonya and ED-E's frames, tonnes of paint jobs and loads of other unique modifications! Includes optional Far Harbor addon with The Thing You're Thinking Of from Far Harbor! Fly Far Fly Fast!

Permissions and credits
Note: If you were using the Passive/Pacifist AIs on any of your Automatrons prior to v1.5, please get them into the Robot Workbench, open up the Behavior Protocols (new name for AIs) category and hover over the various options in there to update to the new versions of the effects. It's also a good idea to do this with any EyeBots nearby when you load the game, and go visit any others you have (loading the cell they're in will update their effects).


When Automatron was announced, I was ecstatic at the prospect of travelling once more with my favourite little buddy from the Mojave. I raced through it because I was told there were buildable EyeBots at the end, only to be bitterly disappointed by what were basically fetch quest bots that wouldn't accompany me on my journey into the bowels of hell (especially when the first one sent me to Medford Bloody Memorial Hospital for the hundredth time).

Anyways, I really, really wanted to hang with my little buddy again so I decided that if Bethesda weren't going to do the right thing, I'd do it myself. And here we are.

Fly Far, Fly Fast!

v1.6a: Nuka-World! (Finally)
Who has time for fancy update images? Not me! (No, really, I don't).

-Base Mod-
New Security Frame!
New Diagnostic Frame!
New Outcast Paint and Decals!
New Minutemen Blue Paint!
New DC Guard Paint + Diamond Decals!
New Bronze Finish!
New Mod Category: Duraframe Vent Glow!
New Day/Night Offense/Defense Increasing/Decreasting EyeBot Misc. Mods!
7 New Hat-Slot Glasses!
Further Improved Duraframe Mesh!

-Far Harbor Addon-
8 New Vim! Decals!

-NEW: Nuka-World Addon-
2 New Frames!
22 New Weapons!
10 New Paintjobs!
7 New Decal Types + 2 Standalone Decals!
20 New Hat Slot Mods!
1 New Radio Tuner!

-NEW: Far Harbor + Nuka World Bonus Content-
1 New Frame!
4 New Weapons!
2 New Paintjobs!

...Plus bugfixes and balance tweaks to make EyeBots more competitive!

Older Updates:

Adds EyeBots to the Robot Workbench. They work like any other Robot companion, and have a broad range of customisation options including copious aesthetic options and radio playback, numerous effects and the ability to be used with other robot legs (though it looks a little odd). Yes, it includes Sonya's frame (Excavation Frame + Excavator Paint), and yes, thanks to thanks to the generous texturing of mkdo40 (whose mod Wasteland Imports you should definitely check out if you're finding yourself missing the Mojave) there is now a Duraframe (ED-E!), with optional numberplate and sticker. AEC aims to feel like a regular part of the game without forcing itself on you.

Obviously, AEC requires Automatron.

Most important thing: if you haven't already, please follow THIS GUIDE RIGHT HERE to properly enable mods.
If you get crashes when selecting EyeBot mods, make sure you have (or still have) the following three lines in your Fallout4Custom.ini in
My Documents\My Games\Fallout4\


Now onto mod installation instructions:
Install the mod manually or through your mod manager as you would any other (I've tried to name the fomod folders sensibly for the former group). I use NMM and test stuff with it, for what it's worth.
Before you install it, back up your save manually (I'm not sure if survival detects this or not but if not I'd very suggest it for AEC and any other mod you install.)
Once in game, you just need to wait a few seconds so that the formlist updater script can run before you use the robot workbench (it runs on every load but checks if it needs to make each change so on later loads the wait shouldn't be necessary unless something messes up the formlists). In the meantime, read the one-time warning message about uninstallation: it's suuuuper important as if you uninstall without following specific instructions you WILL break your Robot Workbench nigh-irreparably!
Once you get a message in the top left corner of your screen saying the installation is done, you're good to go.

I strongly recommend that you try the mod out right away after installing it to decide whether or not you want to keep it - obviously this means waiting until you get access to the robot workbench (the mod makes its edits immediately on first load with it installed, even if you don't have access to the RW) and maybe using the cheat recipes addon if you want to get an idea of the full capabilities of the mod. If you decide you don't like it, exit the game, delete the mod and revert to a save made prior to installing it (which won't require using the uninstaller, seeing as the mod was never installed on that save.)

Note that this advice isn't specific to this mod, or even to scripted mods - it goes for every mod out there. Consider it a PSA of sorts.


Behavior Protocols/Proximity Mods: If you have another mod that controls Aggression, Confidence, Follow Distance or Follow Behavior, don't use those effects and the equivalent functions of AEC mods on any NPC simultaneously, or odd behavior may occur. AEC does it in the conventional manner, using a SetValue script (necessary for aggression to prevent random robot resets), so any issues aren't from doing weird stuff on my end.

The component lists for many of these items don't fit on Bethesdas gigantic console-focussed interface without scrolling. If you think you have all the ingredients and perks and the recipe is still grayed out, please try scrolling.

Various Paint/Decals:
A lot of the Paints/Decals, especially those for factions from this game and others, have minimum level or quest requirements (usually completion of the first quest in that faction's quest line). The cool yellow frame with the lightning ball in the pictures above requires completion of a quest called The Big Dig.

Atomic Radio Tuner:
For this tuner to work you'll need the Atomic Radio mod, found on Bethmods or here (download link is in the menu at the top). It's great and I heartily recommend it. Note that while I've managed to stop OWRB and vanilla stations from skipping, Atomic Radio still does when changing mods on a robot. Depending how other Radio Mods do things, the Custom Tuner may or may not cause skipping.

Custom Radio Tuner:
As its description states, it will play whatever your pipboy radio is playing at the time it is built. If the pipboy radio is off, it will be off. You can change what any companions equipped with it are playing to what your pipboy is playing via the [AEC Uninstallation/Utility Holotape]. It will play back anything you can tune into via your pipboy, including mod-added radio stations and limited-range vanilla broadcasts so yes, that means you can have your pipboy, the in-game announcement system, AND an EyeBot all playing the dulcet tones of Emergency Frequency RJ1138 simultaneously! Wonderful!

(Missing a couple of things for v1.5a, a proper, very detailed readme is in the works!)
EyeBot (Submersible) Propulsion System (Legs) - Makes it an actual EyeBot with working EyeBot weapons etc. Precludes arms.
EyeBot Propulsion System Upgrade (Legs): Improves movement speed.
EyeBot Core (Torso) - Needed for EyeBot Frames, needed for most EyeBot mods. Prevents use of a Head.
EyeBot Frame (Torso) - This is what makes it look like an EyeBot, and also acts as Armor, though it may have other effects.
EyeBot Sensor Package (Torso): Like the Mr Handy eyes, sets the Combat AI, can improves perception and eventually accuracy. Requires EyeBot Torso.
EyeBot Behavior Protocols (Torso) - Determines the aggression and confidence of your EyeBot buddy. (Previously EyeBot AI)
EyeBot Hat (Torso) - Choose a hat - generally requires the appropriate hat in your inventory to show up and a piece of cloth (or fiberglass in some cases) to build.
EyeBot Radio Tuner (Torso) - Select a Radio Station for your EyeBot to play, or No Radio to turn it off.
EyeBot Headlamp (Torso) - Adds a headlamp to the EyeBot. Like any other companion headlamp, it turns on at night, and turns off when you sneak.
EyeBot Secondary Misc. Mod (Torso) - Duplicates of the regular Misc. Mods so you can have more than one, enhancing EyeBots' utility. Also includes a unique EyeBot Cloaking Device, applying a stealth boy effect to EyeBots when you sneak (as Automatrons don't appear to sneak, making them bad for stealth builds).
EyeBot Duraframe Misc. Accessory (Torso) - Exclusive to the Duraframe, choose an Accessory, including ED-E's numberplates!
EyeBot Duraframe Customization (Torso) - Exclusive to the Duraframe, adds some of the addons from regular frames to Duraframes, with diminished versions of their original effects, plus a new Shield Generator Packs option!
Numerous Paint Menu options depending on frame: There are tonnes and tonnes of options here, they're all aesthetic only.
EyeBot Weapon (EyeBot Weapon) - Requires EyeBot Thruster for technical reasons. Primary weapon type for EyeBots.

>My game freezes when starting a new game
>>This shouldn't happen any more, but if it does, disable the mod until you've got control of the character and accept my apologies for the inconvenience.

>Why are some of these mods so expensive/hard to get?
>>Recipes have been made significantly cheaper as of v1.3a, so if you were put off by it before it may be worth giving it another shot now.
As for requirements, EyeBot tech in the Commonwealth is kinda limited aside from groups/people that would know a bit about robotics, science etc, and I felt perk requirements were kinda underused by the DLC, given the subject matter (especially Robotics Expert).
If it's still too much, the Cheat Recipes addon can help.

>My EyeBot runs away instead of fighting!
>>Poor little fella is scared, it doesn't understand violence. If you wish to shatter its illusion that the world of Fallout is one in which a small, orb-like robot can survive without resorting to casual brutality, give it an EyeBot Weapon and maybe change its AI package. If that doesn't work let me know what weapon it's using and also open the console, click on the robot, type "showinventory" and post what it returns, if you can.

>Why aren't there any Automatic weapons (or proper flamers)?
>>EyeBots don't have animations for anything but single-shot weapons. Yeah, it annoys me too and I might find a way to work around it once the GECK is out and I can see what's going on a little better. If it's worth anything, I found out when I was doing what I thought was the final batch of testing, and in response I stayed up late adding about half of the weapons that are now in there (including the FlameSpitter and Cryolator, which both took a good while to figure out), just so there was still a good variety.
>>UPDATE: I experimented with swapping the regular attack animation to an automatic one, and while the weapons became automatic, they also failed to stop firing before my little buddy turned to face me, which was both adorable and quite painful. Don't know if I'll be able to do this until .hkx files are better understood.

>Does doubling up on Hacking, Lockpicking, or Recon Sensor mods do anything?
>>Nope. You should probably avoid it in case clashes occur, but I've not had anything really bad happen as a result of it.

>What about the others?
>>Yeah, should do. Numbers say it does.

>My EyeBot weapons don't work!
>>This is likely a conflict with another mod that allows the use of arms with parts that otherwise wouldn't allow them. This shouldn't happen with vanilla parts but changing from mod added parts can cause it. For those affected, the solution should be to go back to the workbench, change to non-EyeBot legs, select no arms and no hands for both arm slots, make sure you don't have any Shoulder Launchers attached either, then change back to the EyeBot Propulsion System (and re-add any other mod types linked to it (EyeBot weapon etc)). The EyeBot is trying to use the hand weapon and doesn't have the animations for it. This should remove those weapons, fixing the issue.

>Modification options aren't showing up!
>>Probably an installation or download issue.
1: Make sure the mod is active in the in-game mod menu (th1nkEyebot.esp)
2: Make sure you waited at least a minute before using the robot workbench.
3: Double check the INI edits in the install instructions are present, this has been the cause for a few people now!
4: Delete the mod (no need to use the uninstaller, just don't load and save the game without the mod active in the meantime), redownload it, read the installation instructions thoroughly and try again.
5: If you previously uninstalled without removing AEC's files from your directory but did follow the instructions correctly, fully remove AEC's files (especially the scripts, all of which are prefixed by "th1nk"), load the game, wait a few minutes, save the game, exit, try installing again on the save you just made.
6: Failing all of the above, try the Force Install option in the utilities submenu of the [AEC Uninstallation/Utility Holotape]
7: At this point I'm basically out of ideas. Maybe it's some esoteric mod clash from someone who has added a bunch of bad edits to the order-critical formlists (see Compatibility and Notes For Other Mod Authors below) or done something odd in an install script or you've badly uninstalled another Automatron mod (try the Robot Workbench Fixer in the Uninstallation/Utility Holotape).
8: If you don't even have the holotape, download the Holotape adder addon, if that doesn't give you anything then you've definitely done something wrong with activating the mod.

>Meshes aren't showing up!
>>Double check your INIs for the edits in the installation instructions (I do mean double check, people have been certain of it only to find that they've magically disappeared!). Failing that, Uninstall and Reinstall the mod in your mod manager (no need to follow the full uninstall guide in this readme/description as long as you don't load and save the game without the mod active), the files possibly haven't unpacked right. If you're updating from v0.1c or earlier this will probably happen due to the significant changes made to the underlying mechanisms of AEC. Take your EyeBot to the Robot Workbench, remove and readd the modifications you want, and it should be fixed.
In more recent cases, this has been caused by the lines to allow non-archived files being missing from FalloutCustom.ini. Check the installation instructions, the info on that is at the top! :)
If you're talking about EyeBots being invisible after uninstalling, you didn't uninstall right or check it properly afterwards! Reload a save from beforehand and follow the instructions carefully or attempt to salvage what you can with the [AEC Uninstallation/Utility Holotape]!

>I told my EyeBot to farm and now it's just sitting in one place!
>>You asked a robot that doesn't have any hands to pick vegetables for you. It will - it is, it's just concentrating incredibly hard to do so, all so it doesn't disappoint you by not meeting its six-unit quota.
For real though it's an animation thing and we don't have the tools to fix it (at least not without causing a way more serious bug). It's just the animations, food should still be produced normally and once reassigned they'll start moving again. I suggest assigning them to Scrap duty, they behave more sensibly AND it fits them thematically.

>I used the Standard AI mod in V1.2a and now my EyeBot is more passive than it should be!
>>Yeah, I messed this up, I'm sorry. It's fixed in 1.3a, but to fix already affected robots you'll need to change the Torso to a non-EyeBot Core Torso and back. Again, apologies for the inconvenience. If you've skipped 1.3a, the same applies, AIs are now called Behavior Protocols.

>I don't like [thing] about hats/other clearly not 100% serious thing!
>>Please do not take the optional hats/optional other clearly not 100% serious things seriously. Ignore them. Or remove the ap_th1nkEyebotHatKYWD from the Object Modification th1nkEyeBotTorsoTorsoOM "EyeBot Core" (02000803)

>I like hats, can you make them for other robots?
>>The way I did it isn't directly transferable to other robots and also takes a fair bit of tedious work. I also think someone was working on it already and I don't really have much interest in (or time for) doing so myself.

>Can you make paint for other Automatrons?
>>Paints are a TONNE of work, and other Automatron parts use Palette mapping which I don't fully understand, so it would be difficult for me to apply the paints there even if I were willing to put in that much work into something I'm not all that fussed about. Also I don't really have the upload speed to be managing another mod with lots of texture files.

>Can you do x mod?
>>I probably won't, I tend to focus on one thing at a time and work really hard on it, then move on to something very different. I don't really want to do anything else in terms of significant fallout 4 mods, would rather get back to designing/building guitar effects pedals. I may be able to give vague, cluttered, stream-of-consciousness pointers on how to go about doing things if you really need it, I'm not a very good teacher though as I do most things as I go.

>Can you add x from another game (including Bethesda games), such as ED-E's battle noises?
>>Not legally! As for the battle noises, I tried to find a convenient way for people who had the files to put them into the game, but in the end even doing as much as I could, users would still have had to use tools to convert .wav to .xwm for them to play reliably, so I doubt anyone would really have used it, and most who could do that can probably go all the way and replace the "Aggressive Bleep" files with those anyway, or maybe even add a new voice/new conditions for a voice checking the race for the two used by AEC (to work properly you also need to add NPCs with those races and the voices you want to modify with conditions/new voice you want to add).

>Can you add a Lonesome Road ED-E Frame?
>>Believe me, I'd love to, but while I've improved drastically at texturing while making this mod, I'm still only capable of working on small objects and my normal and specular mapping skills aren't really good enough to make a large model look right. However, if you are interested in texturing an LR ED-E model (requiring diffuse, normal, and specular maps, quite possibly for the entire EyeBot due to the different shape of LR ED-E), then I can probably finish a model of it to make it happen, and obviously provide whatever support I can, as well as credit on the page, credits tab, update note, and wherever else relevant that I can fit it.

>I can't rename my robot(s)!
>>Base game bug. Finish remaining quests involving Kellogg and you'll be able to do so.

>My Automatron reset to an armorless Protectron, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
>>Assuming the robot didn't have the outdated Passive/Pacifist Behavior Protocols from v1.3a, this isn't AEC's fault! There was a bug with the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch and Patch 1.6 which causes settlers, including automatrons, to reset (and maybe some other things with settlements). While UFO4P has been updated to fix this since, the fix apparently isn't retroactive (though Bethesda are supposedly looking into that). In addition, I believe the cell reset bug also affects Automatrons, so there's that too. It's also very possible that the issue with those AIs on Provisioners was also related to this.

>The Inferno/Frostbite unit VFX are HUGE
>>This happens with headlamps. Nothing I can do about that, just don't use them together.

>My EyeBot exploded! How do I get it back?
>>Reload your save. This is necessary due to some annoying stuff with skeletons/collision data etc and my previous workaround was glitch-prone.

>I can't reload to fix a thing, I'm playing survival!
>>Being careful about everything is part of survival - if it weren't intended to be a matter of risk both within game and of the save file itself, surely Bethesda wouldn't place a limit on the number of save files in a game notorious for bugs that take a while to show up and require reloading very old save files, that'd be silly and irresponsible of them now, wouldn't it? I've done everything possible to warn you in this documentation, and everything possible to include methods to fix things or avoid issues within the game itself - far more than a lot of mod authors will. If that's not going to be enough for you then Don't Use This Mod.

>The holotape is ruining my immersion please delete it
>>Open it up. Select Holotape Management. In there you can make it removable, just don't lose it because you will need it if you decide to uninstall.

>Why can't I make my EyeBot self-destruct?
>>(Aggressive Bleep)

I've added a couple of optional addons over time (all but the Holotape Re-Adder are included in the FOMOD installer from v1.5a onward), here is what the current ones do:

1. Far Harbor Addon: Adds content from Far Harbor. It's polite to use spoiler tags when discussing in the thread. Don't deactivate/uninstall this on a save you've used it in without uninstalling the mod in its entirety or bad things may happen!

2. Nuka-World Addon: Adds content based on Nuka-World or using its assets (mostly paint jobs that use the new normal/specular maps). Also polite to use spoiler tags in the thread. Don't deactivate/uninstall this on a save you've used it in without uninstalling the mod in its entirety or bad things may happen!

3. Far Harbor+Nuka-World Extra Content: Adds content based on both Far Harbor and Nuka-World assets (thus can't be included in the base FH addon). Installed automatically by selecting to install both Far Harbor and Nuka-World DLC Addons in the installer. Don't deactivate/uninstall this on a save you've used it in without uninstalling the mod in its entirety or bad things may happen!

4. Cheat Recipes addons: Lets you make all of the EyeBot modifications at no cost, with no skill requirements, so you can pimp your EyeBot ASAP. The arious DLC ones do the same for their DLC addons, all in one does it for all of them meaning you don't need the others. Unlike DLC addons, these can be disabled at will.

3. Weightless Misc Items and Weightless Far Harbor Misc Items - Makes all AEC mod items weightless, the various DLC ones do the same for their DLC addons, all in one does it for all of them meaning you don't need the others. Unlike DLC addons,
these can be disabled at will.

4. Old World Radio - Boston Addon: Enables quick and convenient playback of Old World Radio - Boston Radio Stations by EyeBots by adding specific tuners rather than having to use the Custom Radio Tuner. I definitely recommend checking OWRB out, it's got a tonne of cool stations and is made by some cool people!

5. Uninstallation-Utility Holotape Re-Adder (Utility, not included in the FOMOD installer): If you've lost your uninstallation holotape and want to uninstall or use the features added in v1.4/v1.5a, you can load this up and it'll add one to your inventory. You can remove it afterwards, make sure to delete it rather than just disable it so the script doesn't linger! Should be placed after th1nkEyebot.esp in your load order (it doesn't have it as a master because that's a pain in the CK and it was easy to do without requiring that). This is also an option if you are using an alternate start mod or other mod that has prevented you receiving the holotape (make sure to read this page thoroughly in that case, particularly the uninstallation section as you will also not receive the warning popup in that case!)

AEC's holotape contains numerous functions to attempt to fix issues from bad uninstalls, as well as some other things. It can be made removable via an option inside of it, though you should make sure you don't lose it.

General Functions:
Holotape Management: Allows you to change the quest item status of the holotape to make it removable. Don't use it in a terminal, only in your pipboy, or you will get duplicates. You can toggle it via your pipboy again to remove those, though.

Custom Radio Tuner: Allows you to set any followers with a Custom Radio Tuner to play whatever radio station the pip-boy is playing at the time, on the fly.

Bug Fix Functions:
These are intended to fix issues from bad uninstalls or other bugs. They are to be used entirely at your own risk and are not guaranteed.

Robot Fixer Item: This will give you items that can be equipped to Automatrons rendered invisible by mods being left attached when the mod they're from is uninstalled. It is only intended to allow you to self-destruct robots as it cannot fix AV changes from mods that were nulled by being there while their esp was removed. I tried to get it to do that, didn't work out (derived stats are The Worst Things). This means that even once this update leaves beta you should still be super careful to remove AEC mods from all bots and ESPECIALLY Ada, Codsworth, Curie and Jezebel and any other non-selfdestruct-able bot before uninstall. All of the debug functions are only intended as last resorts and aren't guaranteed not to break this mod or other mods.

Attempt Robot Workbench Fix: This option will attempt to fix broken menus and race-leg misalignments in the workbench that are caused by improper uninstallation of AEC (and potentially other scripted automatron mods). While intended to prevent messing up other mods, I can't guarantee it won't. You'll also need to save and reload to make the fixes to AEC take effect. I did a quick test with a couple of list edits from a dummy mod and that worked fine but it was only a very small mod. Make sure to wait for the finished notification, this one takes a little while. It won't fix issues caused by improper edits to Automatron's order-critical formlist pairs. If using this to fix a bad uninstall you will need to repeat the uninstallation process, properly this time. Make sure to wait for the completion message!

Combat Detection Module: If your EyeBot has a standard/default protocols package but still isn't detecting and attacking enemies, this can be equipped to them as a substitute, it uses a script with randomisation of whether it will attack a nearby enemy or help the player, based on distance. Don't give this to too many robots at once or it could cause script lag, the script is a little complicated (nothing huge but the most complex thing I've done for sure).

Force Installer: Manually runs AEC's install script, in case that has somehow broken. You should never have to use this with the new installation script, generally if things aren't showing up right you haven't made the .ini edits as per the description (or they've been overwritten/removed at some point - make sure to check!), or your download was bad, or you need to save, load, wait a little and then check again, or another Automatron mod has messed up formlists severely. If you're 100% sure you've done everything right, try it (you'll need to run it each update), if it doesn't work then it almost certainly is the .ini edit not being present. Make sure to wait for the completion message!

For the Force Install, Workbench Unborker and Uninstall options, make sure you wait 5 minutes after loading a game before you use them to ensure the game load scripts have wrapped up.

Uninstallation Stuff:

Check For AEC Mods: This will go through your settlements, current followers and Ada, Codsworth and Curie and check for AEC mods and remove them (replacing the legs/torso with protectron ones if found). It is not guaranteed to work and you should still check each settlement manually, it's just intended to potentially save a little time having to manually replace mods on every single EyeBot if you're going to ignore the warnings below and uninstall. Make sure to wait for the completion message! Also note it won't work if EyeBots are not assigned to a settlement or otherwise outside the conditions above. It *should* work with mod-added settlements as it uses the list automatically maintained by workshopscript but that's no guarantee (I don't have any settlement mods to test with), make sure you double check those.

Uninstaller: See Below.

UNINSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS - If you desperately want to permanently remove the mod from your game
NOTE: Uninstallation of mods is not supported by Bethesda - they advise against it, and with good reason - Uninstallers Are Not Perfect. Uninstallers Do Not Always Work. No matter what people say, there is always significant risk that even after using an uninstaller your save will still be dirty. You should always revert to a save made prior to installing a mod when uninstalling it - make sure you retain your saves from before installing each mod!
I've included the uninstallation section and holotape ONLY because I know that some people won't listen to these warnings and I'm inclined to at least give them at least some chance above 0% of their save not being damaged - if you use it you are solely responsible for what happens. Don't complain to me, don't complain to Bethesda, don't say you weren't warned, don't take this as any sort of endorsement of the practice. Uninstallers are not reliable, they are not perfect, and you should not and cannot uninstall mods willy-nilly, scripted or otherwise.
The uninstaller will not fix previously broken uninstalls. Always check the robot workbench is functioning correctly (categories working right, things not able to be used with stuff they shouldn't be) and look around for any invisible/broken robots when you load up a save after uninstalling.

To be clear, none of this is needed for updates (where you uninstall one version and install a new one without loading/saving a game in between), or when repairing an installation that hasn't installed all of the files. It is only needed when you are loading a save that was made with the mod installed without having the mod active. If you have to test mods via process of elimination, back up your save first!

Some lovely people have been kind enough to make some lovely videos about my mod. Here's a small selection (sorry if yours wasn't included, it's not that I didn't like it, I've not seen a video of my mod that I haven't loved, I just only have so much space)

Now that I've changed to scripted formlist edits, the mod should be compatible with most other Automatron mods in terms of things showing up right, unless their mod's edit timing clashes with mine. Mods that edit the vanilla assets it references (projectiles, any eyebot files, etc etc) may cause problems if they're really drastic, but generally shouldn't.
Also, mods that add arms and hands may cause issues where the hands remain in the inventory after changing to the EyeBot thruster, causing it not to attack due to lacking animations for those weapons. Make sure you manually remove the hands before switching to the EyeBot Thruster if you have mods that do that.

It will have issues if modders incorrectly edit Automatron formlists that are compared to another formlist to align things, such as RobotWorkBench_RaceChangeModList and RobotWorkbench_RaceList - for reference, these never need to be edited unless you are adding an entirely new race to Automatron. Doing so will also break any merged patches users make unless they remove the incorrect edit themselves. If you open up other automatron mods in FO4Edit and look at the order specific lists mentioned in the next section, those paired (with an & between them) should have the same number of entries. If a mod has made them uneven, you will need to contact the author of that mod to fix it or manually remove the edits yourself (if they lack an entry in the other list in the pair then they're not doing anything anyway).

Alternate Start Mods: While I've altered my script for v1.6a to attempt to work around this (you should receive the holotape and first install warning a little later) and tested it with the two main alternate start mods, if you don't receive the warning and holotape, read the uninstallation section here and use the uninstallation-utility holotape re-adder addon to get that.

Other mods that do things at game start: While I think my script should now be pretty safe, it's always possible that someone will somehow manage to trigger things too early or mess it up. If new games aren't starting properly and disabling AEC fixes it, post a list of the mods you're using in the thread (please mark any you think might be doing things at startup or anything with heavy scripting) and then simply disable AEC, start a new game, save, and then install it (or if you're a new user, wait until you start automatron so you can test it ASAP and decide whether or not you want to use it).

At the risk of sounding patronising, if you're using scripts to edit Automatron's formlists (and you probably should be with console mods coming), there are a few scripts that need to keep things in the right order. This mod edits DLC01Workbench_ExclusionList & DLC01Workbench_RemovalList, DLC01WorkbenchRobotTopListSublist & DLC01WorkbenchRobotTopList and RobotWorkbench_RaceChangeModlist & RobotWorkbench_RaceList, which are all order-critical (in their pairs, and this also means you absolutely must not edit one of the pair without editing the other or you WILL break compatibility with AEC and any other scripted installation mods unnecessarily). I use a delay on mine, and it only modifies them after the initial install if my entries aren't in corresponding positions, but either way our mods shouldn't edit them at the same time. I've included a few trace lines in my script to indicate when things happen for this purpose - all edits to these formlists occur between the lines "Automatron EyeBot Companions order-critical formlist edits started" and "Automatron EyeBot Companions order-critical formlist edits completed". If you do the same with yours you should get an idea of whether they'll clash or not. Keep in mind that my script will take different amounts of time to do its checks/make its changes depending on whether it's already done the initial install or not.

Script Sources:
I've included sources for all of my scripts, most of which are annotated to varying degrees. You are welcome to use them without asking permission, as long as said usage is in line with any overarching conditions I place on usage of assets/contents etc (i.e. not for a paid mod). Credit isn't necessary (aside from the Combat Detection Sub script because it was a lot of work) but I'd definitely appreciate it, even if it's just a mention in a comment in the script itself (assuming the source is included in your download).

  • EyeBots walk off during dialog, especially hiring dialog. Not sure why this is, probably a package thing. Select a slower thruster upgrade so it doesn't move away as quickly, remod it once it's added, or just keep trying and walking with it.
  • Impact decals on the M.I.L.A. Frame outline the invisible-textured Core/Thruster. There's no convenient way to have the small size and no visible torso clipping that works well aside from the way I've done it that I know of (setscale effects cause even more problems) so it's a side effect that's gonna stay around. Just try to ignore it or use another frame.

XB1 Users: This is the official XB1 Version. Now that texture compression works updates should be up not too long after the PC Versions (usually updates are released to the nexus a couple of hours before the Bethmods PC version and then finally the XB1 version).
XB1 Addons: Far Harbor Addon, Cheat Recipes, Far Harbor Cheat Recipes

PS4 Users: Condolences, y'all. :(

There is a BethMods PC version, my username there is the same as on here, but I'd prefer people use this version instead and that version is updated noticeably slower and has lower quality textures.

  • Mkdo40, for generously texturing my ED-E model (and doing so in spite of my pretty damn average UVMapping). Check out his super neat Wasteland Imports mod here:
  • Brandoman, neeher and cdante of Old World Radio - Boston for permission to make the OWRB Addon.
  • matzman666, fireundubh and DarthWayne, for a tonne of help and advice with scripting over on the Beth Forums.
  • matzman666 again for the sample script used as a basis (by which I mean "ripped for") the Workbench Fixer and other stuff I learnt about arrays and while loops etc from looking at.
  • Wenderer: For the FOMOD creation tool (
  • Ousnius and Caliente for Outfit Studio which is a very convenient conversion tool
  • The people behind the 3dsMax Nif Importer/Exporter
  • The people behind Blender
  • XxSnytchellxX, for helping out with testing and being unlucky enough to find almost every bug ever in release versions.
  • Yannik, for helping test various futile attempts at texture compression before it became officially supported for XBone.
  • GUILTYGEAR0DIN on Bethmods for testing the XB1 version when compression support was added.
  • Everyone else who volunteered to help testing XB1 stuff, sorry I don't have a full list of your names together!
  • Everyone in the thread who suggested cool new ideas, sorry I haven't listed your names here but I appreciate you all a whole bunch.
  • Bethesda, for the game, Automatron, and everything else (even though they should have done this themselves).
  • The lovely people who made and maintain this site: Thanks for everything
  • The people at the Tales of Two Wastelands forums: For a tonne of advice with previous mods for New Vegas (none of which ever reached release stage) that I applied here.
  • The folks behind FO4Edit: Without whom this would be impossible and I'd still be crying about the lack of my little buddy.
  • jonwd7: for Bethesda Archive Extractor.
  • Obsidian: For ED-E. The greatest little buddy there ever was.
  • The team behind NifSkope, for NifSkope
  • Everyone who said thanks for the little bugfix I uploaded before this. Probably wouldn't have spent as much time on this as I did without that indirect encouragement.
  • ED-E: FLY FAR FLY FAST little buddy.

Wasteland Imports by Mkdo40: A little taste of other wastelands, great if you're missing the Mojave.
Old World Radio - Boston by Brandoman, neeher and cdante: Huge radio mod with a bunch of great stations, made by very cool and passionate people. Check out the optional addon for EyeBot playback!
Atomic Radio by Kris_Takahashi: A great radio station with excellent skits, great voice acting and good music selection.
Settlement Management Software by matzman666: An incredible utility that also lets you get extra angry when you see how many enemy spawn points are within settlement boundaries (or even at the fast travel point!). For reals though, it's extremely useful, versatile, and can be a very handy debugging tool (especially with the sqt console command).

While this mod was made using FO4Edit and the CK, I take no responsibility if this destroys your save, your computer or your life, gets you arrested, causes a nuclear holocaust or anything else. I hope it doesn't though.

Also don't download this mod from any site other than this page, Bethmods (my username there is also th1nk, report uploads from other users if you see them, if/when Beth have fixed that functionality), or pages listed in the Translations tab.