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Adds more metals/materials to the game to improve your weapons/metal armor

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This mod uses FO4Edit and adds in new metals and materials for modding weapons/armor.

As of now, the only armor that is affected is metal armor and robot armor, where you can determine what the main material the armor is made out of.
Additionally, you can add plated silver, gold, diamond, chromium, and more to come to the metal armor.

With weapons, you can determine what the main material/framework that the gun is made out of, like titanium, carbon fiber, and a super alloy.

The list of materials I have added are superalloy, titanium, chromium, carbon fiber, nickel, diamond, tantalum (Note, All use steel as their model).

Note: Steel Alloy - To make: Steel, Aluminum, Nickel. Made At Chemistry Station, Under Utility

Requires: Depends on which version you download. Default will require Automatron and AWKCR. Another download that only requires AWKCR, but still works with automatron.

There is one that requires no other mods, but it will be incompatible with AWKCR.

These incompatible mods should not be game breaking I think, just some things added by the mods wont work with metal armor/robot armor and possibly weapons.

Depending on which is downloaded more, that will be the version I continue updating and improving (may do the top two).

Any mod that adds in a new category to mod your weapons or metal armor will probably be incompatible (but it does work with the legendary modifications mod). If there are any major mods that it conflicts with, please tell me.

Because of the way I have designed the mod, it shouldn't be too hard to add a new material and have all the weapons/armors use that material. 

I welcome any ideas or suggestions.

To Do:
Work on balance of metal's effects
Work on balance for obtaining the metals (like Nickle is in batteries, nails, or pipes and found as shipments from traders)

Add it to Robot Parts (after I get a better balance of the metals)
Add coloring effects based on plated material

I may add some of these in:
"The Hardest Metals
According to the Mohs scale, the 10 hardest metallic elements are, in order of descending hardness, chromium, tungsten, osmium, rhenium, vanadium, iridium, tantalum, ruthenium, uranium and rhodium.
On the Vickers scale, the hardest metallic elements are, in order of descending hardness, tantalum, niobium, titanium, zirconium, lutetium, nickel, vanadium, promethium, iron and gadolinium."