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A collection of 3 craftable robot hats, can be found as separate mods in the long description.

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An all-in-one collection of 3 craftable robot hats, can be found as separate mods Below.

This is what happened... I tried changing the hat model with 3DS Max, I DID manage to get the Ironsides hat to show up on the protectron, the only issue is it's not in the right spot, it hovers in front of the robot, click on the word "This" at the beginning of this rant to see what I mean. resolving this issue could possibly mean unlimited potential for robot hats. I am open to any suggestions on how to resolve this. My Steam

*Although the hat placement that resulted is quite humorous, I can assure you it was not intentional and I am mildly upset by the fact that I cant get it to show up right. 

Do you ever feel your automatrons are missing something? Maybe they need a little more class...
Well now you can craft the bowler hat and put it on your bots, can be found in MR. Handy torso>Top Armor>Bowler Hat

Allows the chef hat to be added to the protectron head in the robot workbench, only works with protectron head, and factory armor.
Will show up under "Heads" when the protectron head/factory armor is applied 

You can craft the Navy hat as seen on Ironsides, works on all sentry head armors except for hydraulic frame, find it in the robot workshop by applying a sentrybot head, it will then appear in the "Heads" section. 

Feel free to submit screenshots of your bad ass, hat-wearing, robotic friends.

If you are experienced in FO4Edit and can help me get these hats to work on other heads, add me on steam 


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