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  • Current and Planned Implant Effects


    +100 DR, +100 ER, +50 RR


    Greenetech Nanobionic Full Body Tissue Regeneration Matrix
    Current Effect: Blood Cleanser,Curie Avoid Death, Custom Medic Pump Effect, +50 HP, +4 Hp Regen, +50 Poison Resist, +5 Limb Regen

    Power Source

    Greenetech Blood Glucose Fuel Cell:
                    Current Effect: None
                    Planned Effect: In the new survival mode, you will need to eat more

    Mass Fusion TX-77 Miniaturized Integrated Fusion Core:
                    Current Effect: None
                    Planned Effect: You will need a constant supply of coolant or your cybernetics will

  • Terminal Locations

    Greenetech Genetics: multiple locations

    Nahant Oceanological: Research terminal

    The Prydwen: Knight-Captain Cade's terminal

    General Atomics Factory: Kincaid's terminal

    Cambridge Polymer Labs: lab, Ericka's terminal

    Vault Tec Offices: Upstairs, Mr. Davidson's terminal

    Wattz Consumer Electronics: Server Room Terminal
    Institute Robotics: Robotics Terminal 2
    Med Tek Research: Security Terminal
    Mass Fusion: Production Development Terminal