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Hector Shiroi

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Hector Shiroi

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Retexture and mesh optimization for Doombased's Colt 1911

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-----------------------[To bethesda.net users]----------------------------------------
I've been contacted by people saying that my mod was taken down by bethesda.net and asking me why... well actually I didn't even upload my mod to bethesda.net and I didn't know it was there, because this is only a texture/mesh/sound fix-modification that needs another mod (the original colt mod) to be enjoyed! Also if I put a dummy .esp file with a BA2 file to beth.net, then you must install anyway the original mod (that actually isn't on bethesda.net)!!
The only easy way atm would be taking the whole doombased's colt mod, pack it with my texture/fixed meshes/sound and then upload it to bethesda.net.... something that probably someone did without telling a s**t to me or doombased, so it has been taken down


I love Colts, so I decided to retexture DOOMBASED's Colt M1911 Standalone Gun to give it a more classical look.

New textures (diffuse, normals and speculars) are totally hand made and twice the size of original ones, mesh glitches which are present in the original mod have been corrected too!
The main version comes with a different gunshot sound (only non-suppressed sound is changed, as the suppressed one sounds pretty fine to me), the sound is the one heard in the video!

To use this mod you HAVE to download and install first DOOMBASED's Colt M1911 Standalone Gun as this is an addition to his work, otherwise you won't be able to get the gun!


- Version 2.0 is now the main version, updated to be compatible with latest versions of DOOM's colt mod, it comes with custom shooting sound.
- There's an optional file without the custom sound.

PS: if you have installed the old (1.0/1.1) DOOM's colt and my mod, uninstall them first then install new DOOM's mod and my 2.0 ver. afterwards, due to .esp changes made by the author the old colt in your inventory will disappear and you'll have to get it again (as stated on his modpage too). 


- Version 1.1 is the main version with sound and with a standard lenght and not threaded barrel

PS: If you already had this mod and are installing the 1.1, the weapon could result invisible until you don't equip another weapon and then re-equip it (pretty simple)


- Complete retexture of the gun and all of his parts.
- Correction of trigger mesh, correction of mag and extended mag meshes, correction of suppressor mesh.
- Optional version with alternative firing sound.

Here's a gameplay video, I had to upload it in super shitty quality due to my internet connection (7 hours to upload 1GB video lol), but more than visual quality this is intended to show the new sound (the gun almost oneshots raiders because they're low level, I've high handugn stats and very powerful receiver installed, anyway my mod doesn't touch the stats of the original mod!)

Here's another video (much better) made by hodilton!


If you're completely new to install mods follow this brief wiki guide Fallout 4 Mod Installation 

Then download and install DOOMBASED's M1911 Standalone Gun
extract "Data" folder inside "Fallout 4" folder in "yourgameinstallationletter*/ProgramFiles/SteamLibrary/Steamapps/Common/"

Now download and install this mod:
extract "Data" folder inside "Fallout 4" folder in "yourgameinstallationletter*/ProgramFiles/SteamLibrary/Steamapps/Common/" SAY YES TO OVERWRITE ALL

Both main file and optional file have all the files necessary, only optional file has the alternative sound in addition, so you have only to download the one you want.


Go into "yourgameinstallationletter*/ProgramFiles/SteamLibrary/Steamapps/Common/Fallout 4/Data" and delete "1911" folder respectively in "meshes/weapons/", "textures/weapons/" and in "sound/FX/wpn/", then delete "M1911.esp".

Now go in "C:\Users\yourusername*\AppData\Local\Fallout4\" and open plugin.txt, delete the string "M1911.esp" (that you previously had to create, following the wiki installation guide). 


DOOMBASED - Original "M1911A1 - Standalone Handgun" Mod

Hector Shiroi (me) - This "Colt 1911 A1" Mod

Software Used:

3ds Max 2016 with Nifscripts
Photoshop CS6
Marmoset Toolbag 2

Suggested mods with this weapon:

Pistol Reanimation Pack -> This changes the deliverer animation to a more cool one, I'm using it and fits perfectly the 1911!