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New handcrafted Raiderettes featuring custom hairstyles. Both a Replacer version that replaces vanilla Raiders and adds 16 additional enemies, and a Non-Replacer version that adds all 30 new faces without replacing vanilla Raiders. Automatron DLC Patch available for both versions.

Permissions and credits
This MOD is now obsolete and will no longer be supported. For a better version, please see my new MOD Lots More Settlers and Enemies

Meet the New Raiderettes
, 30 beautiful and intense new enemies out for blood.

Both Replacer and Non-Replacer Versions and DLC Patches Updated to V. 1.2
Optimized for Framerate Friendliness


3/25/2016 - Update -
Leveled list fix for NR version and NR DLC Patch

3/23/2016 - Update - Added Optional Automatron DLC Patch for both versions
3/22/2016 - Update - Added Non-Replacer Version

The vanilla game features 14 generic Raider faces, only 5 of which are female. Aren't you tired of killing the same ugly guys?

This mod offers 2 options, one Replacer version that replaces all generic raider faces with handcrafted Beautiful and Interesting Female Faces, then more than doubles that number by adding 16 more, and one Non-Replacer version that adds all 30 faces without replacing any vanilla Raiders. Take your pick.

All of them feature custom hairstyles from both Ponytail Hairstyles By Azar and my mod Lots More Female Hairstyles. Both mods are required for the hair to work.

If you're interested in more than just Raider replacements, please visit my newly ovehauled and updated mod Beautiful Female Enemies, which also replaces and adds Gunners and Children of Atom for a total of 84 new enemies (Also with Non-Replacer Option).

I have done extensive game testing using low, mid, and high level characters and have resolved all bugs I can find, but nothing is ever perfect and I will definitely have missed something. I rely on user feedback to optimize this mod.

I highly recommend running Raider Overhaul by MadMAX713 along with this mod. It's teh awesome. I personally load it before my mod and it works great, but load order shouldn't matter.

Future update plans include adding additional enemies and adding a "Balanced" version of this mod with a 50/50 split of male and female enemies, with the males all featuring custom hairstyles and facial hair from my mods Lots More Male Hairstyles and Lots More Facial Hair.

If you like this mod, please remember to endorse it. Thanks.

For best visual results, the following mods were used:
Valkyr's Female Face Texture
CBBE - Curvy Preset
True Eyes


Things this mod DOES NOT do:

Does not change any named enemies - Like Tower Tom, Red Tourette, etc.
Does not change a number of specific Dungeon/Location Enemies - Some dungeons feature specific enemies that have not been changed, like Beantown Brewery. This may rarely cause slight facial feature distortion, please report any instances you find.
Does not change Raider Ghoul enemies like the ones at Quincy Quarry


The main known issue is that there may be a skin color mismatch when first running the mod. If you experience this issue, just make a new save, exit to your desktop, restart the game, and load the new save you just made. This should resolve the issue, and the issue should not happen again unless you make a save with this mod disabled and then load it with the mod active again. The fix would be the same as before.


I want to thank corne223, for his submission of the Face of one of the new Raiderettes. Top row, second from the left.

Thanks also goes to Thom293 from Better Settlers for pointing me in the right direction regarding circular references

And eternal thanks to xatmos, for the awesome Face Ripper, without which, this mod would not exist.