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A crowbar with personality.

Permissions and credits

A crowbar I wanted to do for Fallout. It was done for the Rider Overhaul mod by MadMAX713. If you like this weapon chances are you'll like Rider Overhaul, so make sure to check it out!

IMPORTANT: This Mod requires AWKCR.

According to Fo4Edit, edited values should be as follows:

  • Base Damage: 24
  • Sell Value: 50
  • Weight: 3

Upgrades Available:

  • Bladed: Adds a saw to the weapon. Improves damage, adds Bleeding Damage and Armor Penetration.
  • Gripped: Adds a grip to the weapon. Adds chance to Disarm & Cripple.
  • Multipurposed: Adds all of the above.

The intention is to make it a viable end game melee weapon but not overpowered so I tried to use values that compare to those of the best vanilla weapons in game.

Let me know if you upload one, and I'll add it here!

You can craft it as a Weaponsmith Workbench,

Or you can spawn it:

  1. Once the mod is installed, load a game and open the dev console, by pressing tilde (~), or similar key needed to open the console
  2. Type: help "Crowbar" 0
  3. You will see a few lines of text appear, one of them will read something like: WEAP: (xxxxxxxx) 'Crowbar'
  4. Now type: player.additem xxxxxxxx
  5. Make sure to replace the xxxxxxxx with the ID you see in-game
  6. After using that command close the console and the weapon will be in you inventory


  • Fixed Crowbar Upgrades appearing for all melee weapons


  • Fixed Adhesive bug when crafting the Multipurposed upgrade
  • Fixed some strings in the nif files (thanks to insaneplumber for reporting and providing fixes)


  • Initial release

  • Nothing for now