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Adds a bunch of face-paints to the character customization screen without replacing vanilla options.

Permissions and credits
Edit: Currently uses tint ids: 
Male: 40192 - 40383
Female: 39937 - 40128

Adds a bunch of face-paints to the character customization screen without replacing vanilla options. Also includes my hair and skin color mod, since they both make changes to the race record. 

Since my texturing skills are barely above non-existent, most of these face-paints were made by other mod authors. The texture files are included (with permission), since I had to change the names and put them in another folder so they don't replace the vanilla. Please go download their mods so you can endorse them, since without them all the work I put into figuring out how to add facepaints would be kinda useless.

If there is a facepaint mod you think should be included that I don't have yet, feel free to make a suggestion here. DO NOT BOTHER THE MOD AUTHOR IN QUESTION. Spamming requests to them is likely to do nothing but piss them off and eliminate any chance of them agreeing. As long as you are asking me to include it and I ask them, they will only get one message about it each.

And now for the wall of credits:

Hawke Blood Smear                   by Elianora
Fenris Lyrium Facepaint             by Elianora          
Synth prototype face paint         by jofloch 
Kind of Cool Face Tattoos           by Monet Stargazer             (Star, Aquatic Death, Flowery, Celtic Triquetra, and Skull & Bones)
Mad Max War Boy Face Tattoos   by mm137 
Tons of warpaints       by TairenSoul  
Cute and Wild Face Tattoos        by blugail
Female Robot Textures               by Tateki (just the face, for now)
De-fuglied Face Paints               by wendera

Permission: Since most of the assets from this mod are borrowed from others, asking me is pointless. You want to use an asset (for a companion mod, for instance), ask the respective mod author/check their permissions.

1) Incompatible with mods that alter the Human race record 
2) Compatible with everything else

If you liked this mod, please consider supporting Elminster, the creator of xEdit, without whom this mod would never have existed. Check out his Patreon here.