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Allows you to play as dogmeat and the other two kinds of dogs in the commonwealth, chew through your foes like butter.

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Pipboy For Everyone Pip pad patch included. 

--------------------------> THIS IS CTD IF YOU TRY TO USING POWER ARMOR, SO DON'T! <-------------------------- 

--------------------------> DO NOT USE THE CHANGE FORM ITEMS IN THE PIPBOY, IT WILL LOCK UP THE SCREEN!! INSTEAD HOTKEY THEM <--------------------------

So this will allow you to play as dogmeat or as a raider dog or even those feral vicious dogs.

So if you want to try this mod out here are some steps to get it working.

Just pick whatever dog you want to be and type into the console "setrace 1dogmeat" or "setrace 1raiderdog" or "setrace 1viciousdog" onto yourself and boom you are a dog.

A little bit of an issue here, the pipboy does not show up in first person. i don't know why but i cannot fix it yet so the only way to access your inventory is with a batch file or if you know how to use the pipboy even without the hud it may be easy to equip the item you want but eh.

You will be able to wear any dog gear as long as they dont have this keyword that doesnt allow the player to equip the item.

The intro strikes again, after touching the baby and chatting with your waifu and hubby the game crashes because its checking for something in the race seems to be not there. so you can turn back into a human if you want to get pass it. "setrace human" or just load a save before you leave vault 111

You Have 4 Attacks unlike that cats, dog can actually fight.

1 - Right Attack Is a basic bite
2 - Left Attack is a basic bite 2
3 - Bash/Power Attack is a jumping bite while standing still
4 - Bash/Power Attack is a running jumping bite while moving foward.

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