Spooky Scary Skeletons by Moore
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If you take any Screenshots feel free to share them here, I'd love to see the stupid/cool things you guys will do with this

Simply lets you dress up as a skeleton with a few outfits to go with it. Before you can craft these you need the blueprint which can be made at any Chem Lab, everything else can be crafted at either the Chem Lab under Utility for Vanilla users or the AWKCR workbench for those who use that under OTHER. Not much to really much else to say about this, got bored working on my major project and ended up doing this. It works well on settlers too so if you ever dreamed of a literal skeleton town here's your chance to make it happen.

Only requires Armorsmith Extended and AWKCR for those who use that version.

Just drop it in your data folder and you'll be good to go.

Big thanks to FingerCreaser for the video

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