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Adds a standalone Desert Ranger Combat Helmet Mark II.

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This mod adds a standalone Desert Ranger Combat Helmet MKII.


A rare and well worn ranger helm, believed to have once been worn by a
lone wandering Desert Ranger. Some say he still wanders. Some say he
rides a ghost horse through the skies. Some say he shoots with a big
iron made of gold. Some say he's a spirit and wanders the wastes
shooting down evil. Some say he'll live again and wander the great
wastes in time of need. Who knows?  ...What he doesn't do is wear this
helmet anymore.


The Helm can be found as a pile of junk and created at a Chem

The stats (as of v1.03) are +13 Dam resist, +15 Rad Resist, +1 to Charisma with a weight of 3. It can be weaved ballistically.

To add the mod manually unzip the .esp into data folder.

http://wiki.tesnexus.com/index.php/Fallout_4_Mod_Installation for help with Mod Installation and .INI files

Let me know if you have any issues and I'll do my best to help.

EDIT: The texture replacers will need manually downloading. To replace unzip to seperate folder somewhere on your mighty computing machine then copy and paste the textures (helm_d and yello_helm_d - depending on which you downloaded) into Data\Textures\Armor\Rangerhelm. Back-up the original two textures if you want to keep them (or rename). You'll need to rename the no 'Sorry' version to 'helm_d' once you have downloaded it.