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Mama Murphy always creeped me out. Technically yes, she is a junkie old lady, but I still felt her face was way too strange, to the point that I could not even talk to her (which I supposed was intentional...).
So I edited her. I kept her facial textures, the blemishes that she has, eye color, hair style and color etc, just changed her facial structure, nose and eyes. Still think I made her too pretty for a junkie old lady, but at least my character can talk to her now.

Done with: 
Face Ripper by xatmos, thank you!
FO4Edit PreRelease Alpha by ElminsterAU


  • Probably incompatible with any mods that edit their faces since the body-shape is built into the preset

  • NMM 
  • Or if manual, drop the esp into your Data folder and enable it in the plugins.txt file located in AppData\Local\Fallout4

Please do not re-upload and change without my permission
Assets from this mod are free to use for your own stuff, but please credit me with mention and a link.

Xatmos for Face Ripper
ElminsterAU for FO4Edit PreRelease Alpha
Bethesda for the great game

Clothes and accessories:
Character and Companion Edits:Hair:
Cosmetic tweaks:PC face and body presets: