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Remember the companion ED-E from Fallout New Vegas? Now he's in the Commonwealth!

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Remember ED-E from Fallout: New Vegas? He's now in the Commonwealth.

ED-E works just like a vanilla companion. He even has his own companion perk!

Automatron is required for this mod!
(Non-automatron version is available, however it does not have the same features.)

So, where can I find ED-E?

ED-E can be found wandering over in Nahant.
There's a note on him with a brief explanation as to how he got there.

ED-E got hurt in combat and isn't moving!

ED-E can't die! When he is taking too much damage in combat he shuts down.
Heal him using a robot repair kit and he should be back moving around in no time!

Suggestions for this mod are always welcome in the comments!
The ED-E model was done by Stefan Engdahl, check him out!