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Replaces VATS with bullet time, partial perks support

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This mod replaces VATS with VTDS - Vault-tec Time Dilation System. Instead of VATS, you'll get a bullet time effect whenever you activate VATS. Unlike other similar mods, this mod also features redesigned perks to interface with VTDS, like Better Criticals, Critical Banker, and Four Leaf Clover.

I originally created this as a scripting exercise, but then it took on a life of its own, as I started exploring with the idea of integrating certain perks. As my modding skills improve, I'll slowly add more and more perks into the list, whenever possible.



Installation and Usage

  • Activate with NMM.
  • Reset your keybinds ingame
  • Craft the Time Dilation Toggler at the chem station, under "drugs" (alternatively, player.additem xx000804 1)
  • If this is the first time you're using VTDS on your character, the toggler will be added automagically!
  • Bind the toggler to the last hotkey slot
  • For controller, bind the toggler to the last hotkey slot. You'll probably need to use the keyboard to do this
  • Press Q to activate. Left shoulder for controller


Better Criticals: Adds Critical Chance while in VTDS
Critical Banker: Increases Time Dilation effect
Four Leaf Clover: Adds Critical Hit damage
Grim Reaper's Sprint (NEW!): Now triggers for all kills
Sniper 3 (NEW!): While in VTDS, sneak attacks with scoped rifles deal more damage


  • Not compatible with any mods that modifies the above perks
  • Probably not compatible with other bullet time mods
  • (NEW) Not compatible with anything that modifies the Player Actor (you can easily make a patch using FO4Edit though)