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  • Protips for Taking Cover!

    01. Facing the right direction the first time, every time.

    The direction you face when you enter cover is the direction you last moved in.
    If you want to face the left side, make sure that you tap left before activating cover!

    02. Maneuverability in cover

    A tip to enhance your maneuverability in cover - switch between first and third person with your scroll wheel!

    Imagine an enemy approaching your location while you're in cover. Quickly move to another cover by scrolling up a notch to bring yourself into first person. Once you're at your new cover, scroll down a notch to bring yourself back into third person. As long as you don't exit cover by moving backwards, the camera will still be exactly where you left it w...

  • Known Issues

    This document is a collection of all known issues and workarounds (if any).

    If you find an issue not already documented here, do let me know.

    All in all, I hope you'll find that none of these known issues are show-stopping bugs. (But if you do discover one / think otherwise, let me know!)

    Adding third-person cover hasn't been a trivial task at all - thanks for bearing with me as I work out the kinks!

    All known issues:

    Cannot move directly rightwards in cover.
    - WORKAROUND: Use right + forward to move rightwards -OR- face the right, then move forward.
    - Related issue to rightwards movement: switching cover side to the right.
    - Facing left is as simple as pressing the left movement button

  • Script Safety

    This mod uses Papyrus scripting to do what it does!

    I'm not new to programming - I've done this for many years.

    For your assurance, in this document, I'll go through what goes on behind the scenes in the script.

    From what I've experienced so far, the Papyrus engine in Fallout 4 is a lot more stable and less error-prone than its predecessor, Skyrim.

    Nevertheless, it is certainly a very good idea to back up your saves, and I would encourage you to do so!

    This mod is completely self contained. It will not modify any vanilla forms or anything outside of itself. You can be confident that using this mod will not affect any other elements of the game.

    When all options (sprint to cover & double-ta...