Troublemaker Outfits Collection Standalone CBBE Bodyslide by Aarwyn
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HEY. YOU THERE. Yes you.
Have you ever spent ages making a unique looking character only to throw on the vanilla outfits and blend in with the rest of the Wasteland npcs? Well, struggle no longer, friends. I'm no longer just a Yao Guai wrestling - Bloatfly beating - Deathclaw destroying warrior, I'm now a fashion designer!
3 new UNIQUE outfits added to your game, each with its own unique set of stats.
The "Lucky Girl" having the lowest stats (25 DMG Resist), "Girl Power", hanging somewhere in the middle (35 DMG Resist) and "Troublemaker" at the highest (40 DMG Resist) They are craftable at the Chem Station under "Utility".