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Following Flags included:
- Lore Friendly US Flag (Clean and Dirty)
- Stars And Stripes (Clean and Dirty)
- Brotherhood Of Steel (Clean and Dirty)
- Minutemen Flag (Clean and Dirty)
- CIT prewar Flag (Clean)


Permissions and credits
I never like the ugly vanilla Flags, so I decided to make some retextures.

I hope you guys like it.

I tried to focus on realistic looking flags, with visible seams, embroidered patches / logos, and more realistic holes and damages.

These are handmade textures from scratch which I put a few hours of work in.


  • Updated the clean Institute Flag -> Created a new specular map, resized and recompressed its diffuse, normal and specular maps. The ultra version is now 64,0 MB (previous size 170 MB!) and it looks even better!
  • Fixed an issue with the specular map of the Institute Flag. The vanilla game used the same specular map for the Railroad and the Institute Flag (no logo on the specular). Because I created a special Institute specular map, I had to edit the materials .bgsm file, which now directs to the right specular map.

Have fun!

You can choose between the following flags:

  • Lore Friendly US Flag (Clean or Dirty)
  • The Stars And Stripes US Flag (Clean or Dirty)
  • CIT Prewar Flag (Only clean so far)
  • Brotherhood Of Steel Flag (Clean or Dirty)
  • Minutemen Flag (Clean or Dirty + Damage)

Plans for the future:

  • Make the textures smaller (trying with Intel PS Plugin or NVIDIA DXT5)
  • Include specular maps for all flags
  • Trying to pack the whole mod into a FOMOD Installer
  • Orange BoS Flag (Vanilla Design)
  • The Institute Flag (Vanilla Design)
  • Railroad Flag
  • Almost every other flag ingame, which needs to have attention
  • Dirty and Damaged versions of all flags

PS: Endorsements and comments are welcome, just for the reason you liked the mod :)