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About this mod

Adds new craftable rings, which highlights the hostile, friendly, and dead NPCs and Creatures in different colors.

Permissions and credits
My english is bad, so I'll explain it in short.

This mod was created with FO4Edit for Fallout 4 v1.3.470 (Tested on Fallout 4 v1.4.132)

--- DESCRIPTION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This mod adds new "Rings" that
highlight NPCs and Creatures in different colors. Rings can be crafted in Chemistry Station under UTILITY category. They don't take ring slot, so you can wear all of them at the same time and get multiple effects. Rings can be renamed in Armor Workbench.

For more info about added and planned rings you can read in ReadMe section.

Default color scheme:
Dead bodies
that contain valuable items - Orange
Dead bodies that contain normal items - Yellow
Dead bodies that contain junk - Blue
Enemies - Red
Legendary Enemies - Pink
Frendly NPCs and Creatures - Green
Companions -
White (will be added in future updates)

About Dead Highlighting:
Valuable items:
- Chems
- Ammo
- Grenades & Mines
- Legendary items
Normal Items:
- Weapon
- Armor
- Consumables (Food, Drinks, Alcohol and etc.)
- Syringer Ammo
- Caps
- PreWar Money
- Bobby Pins
Once you loot all listed items the highlight will fade away or change highlighting color to another.

--- COMPATIBILITY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This mod does NOT change any vanilla values, does NOT add or change any keywords, and have NOTHING to do with HUD, so basically:
 - This mod is compatible with everything.
 - Load order is does not matter.

--- !!! UPDATING !!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I'm HIGHLY recommend you to make Clean Install (Disable mod => Load => Save => Install mod => Load => Save) when you are updating from previous versions, or at least unequip Rings before updating mod. If you are not, it can cause problems like "Highlighting always ON, even without the Rings" or "Highlighting is fade away, even if dead bodie have loot" (This problems different from those listed in "Known Inconveniences")

--- KNOWN... INCONVENIENCES ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Dead bodies highlights even if they dont have any items. (Should be fixed in v0.4.5)
= Problem is that actually they have items in the inventory - hidden unplayable items.

- Some dead bodies does not highlight even if they have items from the list.
= Those dead bodies was added in location from the start. They are simple part of interior, like containers.

- Highlighting disappear when Legendary Enemy is mutating.
= It's a game mechanic. There is nothing I can do.

--- LOG --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Verson 0.8.5
- Fixes

Verson 0.8
- Remove
"Ring of Hostility III" and "Ring of Legendary Hostility III"
- Add "
Recon Ring II"
(see ReadMe section for details)

--- Some of the mods,
used for screenshots ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Small Dogmeat - Console =) [ setscale 0.5 ]
Clear Recon Scope by BakalavrRU (Recomended for "Recon Ring II")
More Spawns by varx (the main reason for the existence of this mod)
Re-Growth Overhaul
by Spiffyskytrooper
Radiant Clouds and Fog by Mangaclub
Dogmeat's Backpack by Higeyosi
Evolet Follower from
Ewo's Custom Follower Collection and Face Presets by Ewoleth
Body and Armor mods from CBBE Skimpy Armor and Clothing Replacer v2 by 2pac4eva7

Visual Preset - i think it's Enhanced Wasteland Preset
by Razed, but i'm not sure.

My Other Mod:
VATS Tweaks