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Allows you to murder your foes as a disgusting looking infected "zombie"

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Pipboy For Everyone Pip pad patch included. 

--------------------------> THIS IS CTD IF YOU TRY TO USING POWER ARMOR, SO DON'T! <-------------------------- 

--------------------------> DO NOT USE THE CHANGE FORM ITEMS IN THE PIPBOY, IT WILL LOCK UP THE SCREEN!! INSTEAD HOTKEY THEM <--------------------------

Ok so this will allow you to play as many different kinds of feral ghouls from the base game and dlc.


You have a total of 31 different feral ghouls. Pick whichever one you wanna be and go on from that.

So you can do this with the console by entering Setrace 1fg or whatever, if you need to change back into a human enter setrace human.

Or you can do it with the chemlab which will be a better option. In the chemlab there will be a total of many different items that can be used to for feral ghouls.  DO NOT USE THE ITEM IN YOUR PIPBOY, HOTKEY THE ITEM AND USE IT LIKE THAT. IF YOU DO, THE GAME WILL LOCK UP.

You have the change form items that will allow you to change into one of the ghouls or human.



You can also craft all of their clothes along with the dlc clothes, no dlc is required to use this mod but they will not appear like they should if u dont have the dlc for them. Some of the clothes will spawn with random colors, so the first one you have in your inventory will be the base color for that outfit.

If you pick up another piece clothing thats the same as the one you have now, it will show up as "Clothing (2)" and you wont be able to see the new color. so the old color will take over the new color of the outfit you picked up.

So to pick a different color you need to get rid of the first oufit of the color you dont want, drop it or whatever. then pick up the other outfit and the new color will appear as normal.


You can craft other items that do other things, one thing to note about the "Radiation Burst 30s" You have to be standing still to use it and wait until the arms are up for it to be released and the spell to work.


Now heres the customization part for all the different kinds of bodies...

You have a total of 529... of bodies and heads you can pick for your feral ghoul. I know that seems like alot but its purely optional. You can change your current body into someone like a buff ghoul or whatever. In the chemlab you will see many different tabs will labels of the feral ghouls body parts u can pick from, there are heads and bodies. pick the ones you want. Remember to go over what ghoul you wanna be and go to that section for that ghoul.

YOu can also craft some idles but they dont offer much other than just for the lolz


Now lets go over all of the races and names for the feral ghouls.


Vanilla -

Human - Human.

1FG - Feral Ghoul - This is the first basic race of the ghouls, normal base colors.

1FGG - Feral Ghoul Glowing - A basic glowing ghoul with no boils.

2FGG - Feral Ghoul Glowing Bloated - This glowing ghoul is a fatty with lots of boils.

3FGG - Feral Ghoul Glowing Putrid - between half fat and half deformed whatever.

4FGG - Feral Ghoul Glowing Putrid B - Same as 3FGG but looks different.


Far Harbor -

1FOGG - Fog Ghoul - This is like a normal feral ghoul but with black s__hi_tt all over, looks rather spooky i their fishnet clothes.


Nuka World - 

1PG and 1PGD - Painted Ghoul - Theses are ghouls that seems to like rolling around in paint for some reason. theres a total of 16 different colors for them so have first looking at all of them!!

2PG 3PG 4PG 5PG 6PG 7PG 8PG and 2PGD 3PGD 4PGD 5PGD 6PGD 7PGD 8PGD - Painted Ghouls - Same as 1PG and 1PGD but the colors are different.


Colored Ghouls -

1CG - Glowing Sea Ghoul - Im not sure if this is intentional or not but they seem to be missing a material file so they will come with that now.

2CG - Carrion Ghoul

3CG - Charr Ghoul

4CG - Green Ghoul

5CG - Grey Ghoul
6CG - Pale Ghoul

7CG - Pink Ghoul

8CG - Very Pink Ghoul

9CG - Dark Ghoul


Heres a video of me trying to show off the feral ghoul with a steam controller, its kinda a mess but soon enough i may get used to it.