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  1. sousaa42
    • member
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    Hey! this is awesome. 
    This is amazing! a lot of work went into this !

    Would you be willing to explain quickly how you did this? I've messed with skyrim a little bit but never played with the text files. 

    I'd like to do something similar for skyrim. 
  2. amokrun1
    • member
    • 193 posts
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  3. dreamerie
    • member
    • 2 posts
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    yo, i was just looking for some esperanto translations for games and such and came across this. it looks cool! i've thought about trying to do some fan translations myself.. that being said, i'm still around the komencanto stage, but if you do decide to bring some more of this back i'd love to help with translations!
  4. FeliceHasAHat
    • supporter
    • 89 posts
    • 6 kudos
    MFW someone translated the interface to Esperanto:
    Fun idea, though.  It's a shame that the real world will eventually choose English or maybe Mandarin, I imagine, both of which are godawful messes.
    1. vallidor
      • supporter
      • 4 posts
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  5. JimmyRJump
    • premium
    • 8,406 posts
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    Not speaking Esperanto myself --although the simplicity of this universal language makes that I understand what's being written (speaking four and a half languages helps, too, presumably)-- but I feel this is certainly a worthy project.

    Well done Vallidor
    1. DarkGenius
      • member
      • 890 posts
      • 15 kudos
      it feels global, it looks like it gathers words from most languages and translates it, it should certainly be the go-to western in the future.
    2. vallidor
      • supporter
      • 4 posts
      • 0 kudos
      Thanks Jimmy. It still has a long way to go.

      I started translating the quest dialogue, objectives, loading screen tips, and item names, when something amazing happened: I threw my PC across the room in a fit of "SOMEBODY ELSE CAN DO IT".

      There are thousands upon thousands of lines of dialogue and I am just so lazy. I'm hoping to get some collaboration on this, we'll see.

      It's my study project and it's helped me a lot. I've had to make up some words (poten?kiraso, Pip-knabo,) which brings a shred of joy to my shriveled heart.

      Anyway thanks for the props!
  6. Steve676
    • supporter
    • 263 posts
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    Hi, pls in english if possible