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Adds a craftable plasma firing .44 to the game!

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After seeing the institute and Kellogg in action weren't you surprised by the lack of destructive tech he had?  The plasma revolver is the answer to this dilemma, being some demon love-child between the wild west and science, it works to make you the cowboy from the future you deserve to be!  One of the best features about this gun is that it comes with its own specific ammo for the poor man on the go, turning one expensive plasma cartridge into 12 .44 plasma rounds!    

This is my first mod, but it is for the most part complete, unless a stronger interest arises.

How to Get:
Thanks to AWKCR, once you craft the weaponcrafting workbench in any settlement, both the ammo and gun can be crafted there.  The both require a base Science of 2.  The base gun's stats can be seen in the crafting screen image, other images use additional mods I have running.  See Pictures

-Added New Textures and Meshes for both the Individual rounds and Ammo Boxes to fit more with the Institute
-Updated Revolver Textures to be more "glowy" based off of downloaders' requrests
-Added a more lore friendly edition of the mod that is slightly less powerful than the plasma rifle and only converts one cartridge into 6 rounds instead of 12
-Added Directions on how to craft the weapon to the Description

What I might/want to fix:
-I dunno, i'm pretty content now, so let's hear what you guys want!

I've run the mod from installation without any problems, but if there is a problem, please post right away, or message me directly.

AWKCR (most mods require this now anyway)

Gorgeous Glowing Plasma Weapons by Diranar  IF YOU WANT BLUE PLASMA TO MATCH THE GUN USE THIS MOD
Armorsmith Extended
Regent by billyro
Glowing Eyes by Phnx

I would also like to thank Diranar and Phnx for helping me understand how to actually use glow maps so I could figure this out before the Creation Kit came out!