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Adds a good number of new male hair combinations and hybrid hairstyles. All done with ESP file only. Currently includes ~150 new hairstyles.

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Like my mods Lots More Female Hairstyles and Lots More Facial Hair, this mod adds 150 more male hairstyles to choose from by adding a large number of new hairstyle combinations and hybrids, all using vanilla assets and only an ESP plugin file.

The uploaded pictures only show a sample (less than a third) of all the added hairstyles.

Sorry, I'm no longer taking requests for this mod 

Huge props to JR Mods, who does a full Mod Showcase on all three of my "Lots More" mods in his latest video:

And a great big thanks to Tyrannicon and izon87604 for featuring ALL 3 of my "Lots More" mods in their latest videos:

And to Fonnie Dro for featuring both my male Lots More mods in his latest video:

3/17/2016 - Update V. 1.21 Fix - File Correction - Added commenter requests and deleted several bugged ponytail hairstyles
3/11/2016 - Update V. 1.2 HotFix - Fixes several mislabeled entries in V. 1.2 - Please uninstall the previous version before installing the updated version.
3/10-2016 - Update V. 1.2 - Added another 40-50 hairstyles, some from commenter suggestions. Please uninstall the previous version before installing the updated version.
Update V. 1.1 - Removes 4 hairstyles with bugged ponytails - Ronin at Heart, Ronin Waster, Slick Waste Ranger, and Slick Waster Anchorage. Please uninstall the previous version before installing the updated version.

Please report any issues you find with hairstyles behaving inappropriately, one of the multi-piece hybrids with a ponytail in my other mod, under certain circumstances, had a bug where the ponytail would stretch off into the distance, and had to be removed from the new update. If this occurs, please let me know the EXACT hairstyle having the issue so I can figure out if it can be fixed or needs to be discarded.


Feel free to add your own images.

Extract into your DATA folder and add the ESP filename to your PLUGINS file, or download and install using NMM

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