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When you were equipped with "PhotoLight", it's possible to make the influence of ambient light a minimum.

[Next Update]

Bugfix (Face of a robot isn't lit up. A foot became light for them.)
The person who found a problem make a contact, please.

[Last ChangeLog(v1.8)]
Attention please!
 If you were installing the old version(v1.0 to v1.6) of this mod already,
 it's necessary.(If you don't introduce this MOD or introduce v1.7 at present, the following process is unnecessary.)
  1. Remove old version of this mod.(if optional file is used, also remove)
  2. Save game.(make clean save data)
  3. Install new version of this mod.
  4. Load clean save data.(That was made with step2.)
  5. Let's play game!
The change contents
  • Faction limit Bugfixed ( Special thanks " Karna5 "!)
  • Add Change Slot Option File.(Neck 50)

[How Get?]
It can craftable from the chemlab.(Category "PHOTO LIGHT" or "PHOTO LIGHT HUD")

[How Use?]


 Only Equip "PHOTO LIGHT" To Player or NPC.
 Slot 51 (ring) is used by default. It's possible to change it to 50 (neck) by an option file.
 When going in and out of a building, the light goes out.
 Be equipped again at that time or please try a viewpoint change.
 I can't elucidate the cause of this problem at present.Sorry.

  This is equipment for a player.
  Slot 51 (ring) is used by default. It's possible to change it to 50 (neck) by an option file.
  When a player is equipped with this, the effect of the "PHOTO LIGHT" is given to all friendly NPC which enters the sight automatically.
  In other words, you're freed by all settlers from Hardships equipped with "PHOTO LIGHT" separately.

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