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Shoot cars at your enemies. Or your friends.

Just for laughs!

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From the streets of Los Santos - now in Fallout 4 - the Car Launcher!

Face, meet bulldozer.

★ Because, why not?

RobCo did it once with the Pip-Boy, and now they've done it again.
Advances in manufacturing have yielded a molecular re-arranger that synthesizes nuclear fission cars on a molecular level.
Shipments of the technology were sent to various places, including the Commonwealth Institute of Technology, Big MT and the Sierra Madre. Manufacturing was going to be revolutionized. And then the bombs dropped.

Now, attach this experimental modification to your Fat Man and lay waste to the wastes.

(Rapid-fire with tgm)

★ How to Use ★

OPTION 1. Use the weapons workbench to upgrade your standard Fat Man barrel to the Car Launcher barrel.

Okay, so we've covered the balanced option. If you can even talk about balanced when you're shooting cars...

OPTION 2. Unbalanced version: Add a Car Receiver to your sniper rifle or shotgun (or Deliverer) (or a certain automatic weapon...)

OPTION 3. Car grenades can be crafted at the Chemistry workbench under Grenade Recipes. Now you can throw cars like a boss Behemoth.

One fission car has the destructive power of two mini nukes.

★ Things to Note ★

✿  Do not use high-speed automatic car-launching weapons in first-person view unless you enjoy death. (3rd person is fine.) The game can't keep up. (What? You're going to do it anyway? Suit yourself.)

✿  Player-only. Why would you ever  want to give this to your companions or settlers? Well, okay, if you really  want to. They can use Car Launcher Lite. Search for it with the console. (Just remember you intentionally chose to do this when they inevitably give you a car to the face.)

★ Bonus Stuff ★

☢  There may or may not be an enchanted ring that when equipped infuses any equipped weapon with the ability to launch cars. I'll leave that one to you.

Car launching is dangerous. Play responsibly.

What's next?
The next logical step is the play-as-synth-gorilla mod.

★ Video Showcase ★

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