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Last updated at 23:50, 13 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 0:27, 5 Mar 2016

Simple replacement texture edits in various guises of the killer armour "The Rebel" by L0rd0fWar

these have now been added to L0rd0fWar's Mercenary Pack
So send Gambit77 and Thirdstorm some love!
Tired of having to switch between textures? ME TOO! 
Check out the craftable version by RaffTheSweetling

  The Rebel Tex-Edits All-In-One Standalone Crafting

So yeah! Head on over to his page and mod, endorse and kudos for saving us the ballache of
trying to find which one you like and having to stop and start until you do!

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Rebel Camouflage Pack
Fancy yourself a Ghoul/Zombie apocalypse?!
Brain dead fiends chasing you down and reappearing in areas you thought you'd not long cleared,
including a holotape with a wealth of options?! 
Check out joefor's killer

Zombie Walkers 
Also take a ganders at his regularly updated blog over at Zombie Walkers.net

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