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Adds craftable, custom textured, arcade machines for each of the holotape games.

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For both player and settler alike that want to waste time playing video games...in a game...

Credit for all the texture work goes to PoliteRaider, much thanks!

Also huge thanks to everyone for the spotlights!

  Vatiwah and Pixelgamerch (Arcade Machine at 5:50 & 2:25)

Zaynori and Atreides83 (4:40 & 6:00)

JrMods (2:12)

Adds 5 craftable arcade machines for you to enjoy playing your retro games on.


To Build The Arcade Machines
They can be found under "Power\Misc" in the settlement build menu after you pickup the corresponding holotape game.
They also require a few materials:
  • 1 Circuitry
  • 1 Glass
  • 2 Plastic
  • 2 Steel

  • The can have settlers assigned to them, they play all day (great for productiveness right?), and increase happiness.
  • They require ambient power, like light bulbs.
  • Each arcade machine you build has a new copy of the corresponding holotape game in it so you can create multiple machines and not have to worry about switching out tapes (awesome right?).
  • *However! Because the game engine is the game engine, it wont register until you fast travel or something to reset the cell (think of it as an installing period).
  • *Each arcade machine will not show up until its game is picked up.
  • *If you already have the holotape games when you install, you may need to drop them and pick them back up. This may also apply to the first time you find Red Menace as it is ejected from a terminal.

Oh and settlers will try to kill you if you take their machine....this is not a joke, either is messing up people high scores...

Recommend using NMM,and install as any other mod.

v1.2 - Updated with CK, added script to ensure holotape's are loaded.

Tried to have the machines produce caps while settlers where assigned to them, will have to wait until tools progress.
In the meantime, working on temporary solution.

Misc Info
May be issues with mods that modify the holotape games, try loading Arcade Machines last.
Let me know if you find any (besides sorting mods).
There's compatibility patches for both Valdacil's Item Sorting and Better Item Sorting.
Make sure to load the patches after both the Arcade Machine and sorting mods.
Made with FO4Edit and CK.
Still use mod at own risk I suppose.

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As always - Any comments, bugs, or suggestions always welcomed.