Fallout 4
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Adds hundreds useful Console Commands to Neanka's DEF_CM Framework!

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This is a custom .xml file for use with Neankas DEF_CM that has been deleted from the Nexus. Neanka has given me permission to include his custom Interface Framework with this mod. I decided to reupload this because this has a lot more features than my original release.

No more batch files clogging up your Data folder! With this mod all .bat files are not needed just one .xml file in the Interface folder. I will use this for testing and even though it took forever to put together, it will save me so much time in the future not having to search for formIDs and typing console commands one by one. Hope it saves you some time too!

Here is a video showing what can be done by YouTube user [email protected]

Here is a list of Console Commands available so far:
Note: Make sure to read the descriptions in the console for better information

  • MISC COMMANDS: Quit Game, Save Game, Load Game, God Mode, Immortal Mode, Toggle AI, Toggle Combat AI, Toggle Collision, Toggle Detection, Toggle Map Markers

  • SETTLEMENT: Increase and Decrease Building Limit, Toggle Snapping, Scrap All, Spawn Settlers

  • WEATHER: Change game time to Noon or Midnight, Change weather conditions to Clear, Dark Skies, Dusty, Foggy, Misty Rain, Overcast, Radstorm and Rain

  • CAMERA: Clear Screen Blood, Toggle Flying Camera, Toggle Flying Camera (Time Stop), Change Field of View, Change Camera Speed, Change Game Speed, Toggle Menus

  • CENTER ON CELL: Teleport to The Castle, Diamond City, The Institute, The Prydwen, Railroad HQ, Sanctuary, Sanctuary (Pre-war) and QASmoke Test Cell

  • LEVEL: Set Level to 10, 50, 100, 150, 200 or 272

  • PERKS: Add all Perks including Magazine Perks and Companion Perks (Male and Female)

  • SPECIAL: Set All SPECIAL to 10

  • FACTIONS: Add Player to Brotherhood of Steel, Institute, Minuteman and Railroad Factions (Individual)

  • CHARACTER MANIPULATION: Fully reset HP, Show Looks Menu, Sex Change, Add Ballistic Weave Crafting, Set Carry Weight to 5000

  • COMPANION MANIPULATION: Teleport Companions to your location (All Companions), Set Affinity to 250, 500, 750 or 1000, Access Inventory Menu, Unequip All Items (Makes any NPC Naked)

  • SETTLER MANIPULATION: Allow Unmovable Settlers like Mama Murphy to move to other Settlements, Make Uncommandable NPCs Commandable, Allow Any Settler to be a Provisioner

  • NPC MANIPULATION: Restrain, Kill, Kill All, Kill All Hostile, Ressurrect, Unequip All Items (Makes any NPC Naked)

  • ITEM MANIPULATION: Lock, Unlock and Set Ownership

  • SCALING: Set NPCs and Items to Various sizes, Bigger and Smaller

  • ITEMS: Add All Bobbleheads, Add All Magazines, Add 1000 Caps, Add 100 Bobby Pins

  • WEAPONS: Add and equip every weapon in the game

  • CLOTHING: Adds every clothing, outfit, helmets, hats and eye wear (I think)

  • AID: Add 25 Buffs/Drinks (Stimpacks, Rad-away, Rad-x, Nuka Cola Quantum), Add 25 of each Chem and Drug type

  • WEAPONS: Add 1000 of All Ammo types, Add 20 of each Grenade and Mine type, Add 25 of each Syringer Ammo

  • ARMOR: Add and Equip Leather, Combat, DC Guard and Metal Armor Sets

  • RESOURCES: Adds 1000 of each Junk type, Add 100 of each Shipment type, Add 100 of each Crop type

  • MODPOS: Move items from within the console menu, Precise Item Movements


  • ANIMATIONS: Lots of Animations, Idles, Facial Expressions, Postures and Flavors

  • LEGENDARY ITEMS: Spawn a Legendary Items Box at your location

  • POWER ARMOR: Spawn Power Armors and Power Armor Frames

  • ANY NPC AS A FOLLOWER: Make any NPC into a Permanent Follower

  • SUPER GOD MODE: Sets Level to 50 and All SPECIAL to 999. Dramatically increases HP, AP, Carry Weight, Heal Rate, Resistances and Damage.

  • SPAWN WORKSHOP: Spawn a workshop so you can build anywhere.

  • SPAWN CREATURES: My favorite feature of this mod, Spawn almost every variant of the following NPCs: Behemoths, Bloatflies, Bloodbugs, Deathclaws, Ghouls, Mirelurks, Mole Rats, Mongrels, Radroaches, Radscorpions, Radstags, Stingwings, Supermutants,  Yao Guai, Children of the Atom, Gunners, Raiders, Assaultrons, Mr. Gutsys, Protectrons, Sentry Bots, Synths, Vertibirds and LIBERTY PRIME!

I will add more to this as I find more useful Console Commands. If you have any suggestions for commands just let me know in the Posts Section. If you find anything wrong please let me know so I can correct it, I do test this very thoroughly so everything should work fine.

Thank you to Neanka for creating some awesome mods.

Thank you BasedGod