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M45A1 Standalone Mod by Ghost8909. M45A1 model by Happy789, additional models and all textures by Ghost8909

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Special News Bulletin:

We made Hot Files! owo

3rd Party Patches:

Now with 100% more 3rd party AWKCR-Compatibility!

Thank you to Valwereth for adding my mod to the list!

Note: Load my M45A1 BEFORE the AWKCR ESP

Now with 100% more 3rd party Loads of Ammunition Compatibility!

Thank you to 4DaDiamonds for adding my mod to this!


Congrats to StaboCops for the first 1911 mod for Fallout 4! You beat me to the punch, and I must admit,
seeing the other content you have, I don't think I'd rather have been beaten by anyone else (Maybe Millenia).

Now, onto my mod:

M45A1 Standalone
(The second 1911 mod)

Adds the M45A1 CQB pistol to Fallout 4

v.1.1 out with Advanced Receiver and Range fix
v.1.2 out with Sighting Offset and Semi-Auto Vats issue fix


500 Downloads first day! Hot damn, guys!

I'm honored by this. It was a fantastic surprise to return to!



The M45A1 CQB is the modern day (in real life) version of the Colt 1911 pistol.


This is my second mod produced and released to the Nexus, the first being Milkman Power Armor standalone.
The base gun model you see used here was not made by me, and was made by Infiza/Happy789. All additional modeling,
and all texturing were made by me.

Weapon Attachments:
Most attachments in this mod are general ones that suit the game style.




However, along with these, I've added a few unique ones.
Ones that, with some tinkering, can make your M45A1 rather

Also on the topic of mods, a more original take. Along with
those seen above, this mod comes with a set of 5
collectible grips with special properties.

These grips cannot be crafted, and must be found or bought.
(or spawned in. I'm a mod maker, not a cop.)

Custom Grips:

Each one has a special use, either against an enemy, or a game mechanic.
(Yes, they're pretty much collectible legendaries)

There's one special one not shown here. An Easter Egg. I'll leave it up to you to find it!
(If you can, that is. As my first mod, I'm honestly not sure if I managed to properly integrate into
leveled lists. Though I DID manage to buy an M45A1 at the gun store in Diamond City.)


-Installation Instructions:

-Nexus Mod Manager:
-1.) Download with Manager
-2.) Install
-3.) Ask yourself if you needed instructions
-for that.

Optional: Load M45A1.ESP BEFORE the AWKCR Compatibility Patch

-1.) Download manually
-2.) Place contents of Zip in Fallout 4 directory
-3.) Add "M45A1.ESP" to plugins.txt

Optional: List M45A1.ESP BEFORE the AWKCR Compatibility Patch, when modifying your plugins.txt

Note: There are two is one known bugs so far. Double tabs in the modding table, and a "0" fire rate for the standard receiver. It still fires fine, but the Pipboy claims it to have a fire rate of 0.