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This mod adds the LK-05 Concept CQC Carbine to Fallout 4.

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I LOVE seeing you using things I make SO...

(Only if you wanna :P)

This weapon is fully automatic and chambered in 5.56 Ammo. It has stats balanced between the Submachine Gun and the Assault Rifle. Fully upgraded this weapon is fairly accurate at medium to long range.

Here is a short video demonstration by Oh Deer:

If you are on YouTube considered Subscribing to his Channel. He makes awesome cinematic videos.

The ENB Preset in the video and screenshots are by Oh Deer also. Check out his preset here:

Sugar Bloom II.7 (ENB and ReShade)

Receivers: Standard Auto, Armor Piercing Auto, Hardened Auto, Rapid Auto, Hardened Piercing Auto, Powerful Auto.
Barrel Attachments: Standard Barrel, LAM Attachment, Flashlight Attachment, LAM+Flashlight Attachment.
Stocks: Standard Stock, Hardened Stock, Recoil Compensating Stock.
Magazines: Standard Magazine, Quick Eject Magazine.
Sights: Standard Sights, Reflex Sight, Medium Scope, Medium NV Scope.
Muzzle: Suppressor.

If you do not like the look of the LAM or the Flashlight Barrel attachments but want the benefits, there is a LAM+Flashlight that doesn't have the Laser or change the Pip-Boy light.

Reload animation. The Magazine clips through because it uses the Submachine Gun animations. The LAM makes the Weapon Preview go off of the screen when attached at the Weapons Workbench. Just attach the LAM last if you want to use it and see the other Modifications. If you are wearing a helmet with a Flashlight on it, it might conflict with the flashlight from the weapon. Also you will have to switch to another weapon if you have the Flashlight mod and want to use the regular Pip-Boy light. Hopefully all of these issues can be resolved in the future but they are all pretty minor. See Stickied Post for more info. If you find any bugs please report them in the BUGS SECTION not in the POSTS SECTION or they will be ignored. Thank you!

IMPORTANT! To get the weapon please make sure you follow these steps first:
Fallout 4 Mod Installation
The weapon is integrated into the Leveled Lists, so if you have other weapons that add to the Leveled Lists this may conflict.
Make sure you create a Merged Patch with FO4Edit.
If you just want to use Console Commands to get the Weapon type this in the console:
HELP "LK-05" 4
Look for the record that has "WEAP" in front of it then type this:

ADDITEM xx000800
Change the two x's to the number the WEAP Record shows.


All credit for the original Models and Textures go to Likon at GameBanana. The Scope was done by Paul Yakushev at GameBanana. Oh Deer for doing some work on the normal maps. DOOM for messing everything else up.

Big thanks to Oh Deer for doing the awesome video and screenshots pre-launch so this could all be presented so well.

Thank you BasedGod