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Adds new receiver option for the 1911.

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This mod adds a new receiver option to the the M1911 by DOOM it allows it to fire the .357 Magnum from my New Calibers mod.


V2.1: Fixes CTD, for some reason the file was trying to set a constructable object as the ammo list and a misc item as the ammo.  No Idea why that happened, it just did.  V2.1a: Realized I forgot to fix the Mod Association for the receiver, so it only shows for the 1911.

Future of this mod: So many of you have been asking about a .460 Rowland option, this ammo has been slated for the next version of New Calibers and so this file will be updated within a day or so of that version's release.  I may be doing a New Calibers for DOOM's combined mod as well in the future, but work will not be able to begin on that until after the next version of New Calibers.

You may find yourself asking why you would want such a thing.  How does more epic-ness sound? How does double damage sound?  Thought so.

In just three easy steps you'll be out in the wasteland with your vary own Coonan! 
Step 1 - Get the M1911 by DOOM
Step 2 - Get my  New Calibers 
Step 3 - Download this mod.

Once in game you can craft as you would any receiver.  Feel free to leave feedback on it! 

Want to check out the real deal look below...

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Special Thanks:
The guys at FO4Edit for their awesome tool, cannot overstate it's usefulness
stabcops for his implementation of the M1911 and those who helped him.
Big thanks to Hickok45 for his videos!
The nexus mods crew for providing this web site
The guys and gals at Bethesda for an awesome, mod-able game
Godd Howard
Joss Whedon for making Firefly even though it really has nothing to do with this mod at all.

Keep Flying and Stay Shiny!