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Enclave paintjob on the X-01 PA + LORE fix

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~My rant

Im fully aware of the lore change X-01 =/= APA but that is just spitting in the lore's face and here's why:

"The most advanced pre-War model, T-51b power armor..."
"June 2076: The T-51b power armor prototype is finally completed...This suit represents the pinnacle of power armor technology before the outbreak of the Great War"
"2077:...early models of the X-01 power armor were under development by the US goverment with one model being put up for display at the Galactic Zone at the Nuka-World Amusement Park to advertise the recently released Nuka-Cola Quantum."

(These quotes are all from the Nuka Pedia.)

Soo... If the T-51b is the most advanced PA how come the more advanced T-60? And the even more advanced X-01? And if the military only sent ONE X-01 to Nuka World because it was under development (meaning not fit for combat). Why am I seeing lots of them in the Commonwealth fully functioning, with better stats than the other models?

The logic there is unquestionable... Great lore change...


No DLC version

- The paintjob. Either Shiny or Matte. No other changes
- Requires: Fallout 4

All DLC version
- The paintjob. Either Shiny or Matte
- Leveled List change. Only ONE X-01 can be found in the game. See video for location (O'Neill Family Manufacturing)
- Danse's X-01 replaced with T-60 and Galactic Zone display replaced with T-51 with Nuka Cola paint
- Requires: Fallout 4 + All DLCs

No symbol (optional)
- Removes the symbol from the chest.
- Requires: Fallout 4

Glowing eyes (optional)
- The eyes are always glowing orange.
- Requires: Fallout 4

-NOT retextures the Frame, Jetpack, Hands.
I recommend downloading this one: Black Titanium Power Armor Frame

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