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AWKCR & Armorsmith Extended crafting and compatibility patch for cloud911's Wasteland Girl Armor.

Permissions and credits
Apologies. Life has prevented me from gaming and modding for almost a year now and that is likely to remain the case. Because of that, I'm providing
carte blanche permission for any modder to use any resources from my
mods for their own creations. Just provide credit and a link to the original mod. Regarding permissions, most of my mods are extensions of work done by others.  You will need their permission to use any assets in my mods that were originally created by others. Enjoy, and keep the modding love alive.

Go get this instead - Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded MultiPack All-In-One. More options, more colors, more BETTER, and it includes the AWKCR/AE patch compatibility.

This is a patch.
Wasteland Girl Armor required.
- contains ONLY edited esp file - no mod assets (e.g., meshes, textures, materials)

Armor & Weapons Keyword Community Resources and Armorsmith Extended crafting and compatibility patch made with cloud911's blessing.

* Immersive crafting
* Additional armor modification options
* Can be worn with other armors.

1) Install and activate latest AWKCR & AE versions (required).
2) Requires Wasteland Girl Armor to be installed first
3) Install AWKCR/AE Patch - overwrite WastelandGirlArmor.esp


all original (SPECIAL) ability modifications

AWKCR - Related

- Adds crafting option at the Armorsmith Workbench
- Modified item slots consistent with AWKCR
    - Bikini............slot 38
    - Gloves...........slot 34/35
    - Pants............slot 33
    - Jacket...........slot 37

Crafting: All items are labelled with the aesthetic category "skimpy"
**depending on your setup, items may show up in crafting categories by type vs. aesthetic category
    - Tops..............Bikini, Jacket
    - Gloves...........Gloves
    - Bottoms.........Pants (Bikini Jeans, Corset Jeans, Jeans)
Armorsmith Extended Related Changes
- Added appropriate AE armor modifications for each item
- Gloves: AE glove mods, removed ballistic weave option (consistent with other AE gloves)
- Clothing items (Bikini, Jeans, Jacket): Add-on (e.g., braced, pocketed), Lining, Ballistic Weave (Railroad)

Additional Changes
- Tweaked item values (reduced) to be more consistent with other AWKCR/AE patched clothing/armor items
- Tweaked (increased) armor values for Jeans (15 --> 25, consistent with other pants in mod) & Jacket (10 --> 25, just because I felt it needed more defense)