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A standalone radio station that plays nothing but silence. This is a convenient way to switch off repetitive background music at will using the Pip-Boy so that you can immerse in the ambient sounds of Fallout 4. It's easier than using the volume sliders, and this mod does not use any brute-force file replacement.

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This mod adds a standalone radio station called Radio Silence to Fallout 4 that plays nothing but sweet silence.

This enables the background music to be silenced at will simply by playing the Radio Silence station in the Pip-Boy (ambient sounds will not be affected). To re-enable the background music, simply turn off all radio stations again. It is much more immersive and convenient (fewer mouse clicks) than turning the music volume off and on via the in-game volume sliders. TIP: you can use the mod "FO4 HOTKEYS" with its optional "Toggle Radio" script to turn "Radio Silence" on and off at the push of a button!

Why would you need this? Because whenever you turn off all radio stations you are forced to listen to the background music. Sometimes I get tired of the repetitive music and simply wish for silence so that I can immerse myself in the ambient sounds of Fallout 4. Playing a silent radio station is a simple way to turn off the background music using the Pip-Boy - the background music won't play while the Pip-Boy radio is on. You will still hear any special music events that override the radio stations.

This mod turns the background music off or on without the need to permanently silence all the tracks by brute force methods such as file replacement. Other mods that use the brute-force method cannot be enabled or disabled in-game like a radio station can.

Nb. Radio stations do not affect Stealth at all. NPC's won't detect you if you switch on any radio stations.

Also Available on XBONE and PS4.

Bonus: PS4 users are reporting that Radio Silence increases their game performance. Probably because playing Radio Silence stops the music from actually playing (reducing stress on the game), compared with reducing the music volume slider to zero, which doesn't actually stop the music.

Drop "Radio Silence.esp" into your Fallout 4 "Data" folder and enable it using your mod manager of choice.

If you were using any mods that silence all the background music by brute-force then please remember to uninstall them completely so that you will again have the option to hear background music when no radio station is selected.

Compatible with everything.

Kudos to junior99au for his Personal Radio Standalone mod which helped me to learn how the radio stations work in Fallout 4.

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