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This mod brings back from F:NV such things as starvation, dehydration and sleep deprivation. And i know first question you already have, and the answer is: no, it's not using addiction system!

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This mod adds Hunger/Thirst/Sleepless system to player like it was in Fallout: New Vegas. Now you will need eat, drink and sleep or you will face consequences. Fully based on papyrus script with more than one and a half thousand lines of code it provide incredible flexibility, extensibility and compatibility. But the main goal of course is immersion. And it doesn't touch addiction system in any way.

Hardcore Mode [ON] in numbers. - Full mod details, something that Bethesda cannot boast of.

After you install mod and load your last save in your inventory in aid category will be added special item called 'Check Needs'. By activating it (consuming) message will pop up with numerical values of your metabolism stats. You can bind this item to hotkey like you bind weapons and bring up this message any time with one key pressing. This item doesn't apply any effects to player and will be replenished automatically. Applied penalty effects shown in PipBoy in active effects tab.


S.P.E.C.I.A.L. based. Hunger, thirst and sleepless limits depends on player stats and dynamically calculating. Strength and Luck enhance hunger limit. Endurance and Luck enhance thirst limit. Intelligence and Perception enhance sleepless limit. Stats given by chems and items are taken into account. Why use Luck? Because if every one equal around you died from starvation and thirst and you're still alive, then you definitely luckier than they are.

Four stages of deprivation. Hunger, thirst and sleepless has four stages of deprivation (penalties): minor, advanced, critical and lethal. Each decrease some player stats. For example thirst will decrease strength, and note that decreasing strength in its turn will decrease hunger limit, means you will face first signs of starvation sooner. Exceeding limit will result your death! So... BEWARE!

Time scale independence. No matter what time scale you using, vanilla 1:20, some 1:5 or even 1:1, everything will auto scale with it! Script do not relay on real time, in formulas used only game time.

Individual penalty thresholds. As limits of hunger, thirst and sleepless are dynamic the thresholds is also are. The higher your overall limit is the longer time it needs before you will get first stage of starvation, dehydration or sleep deprivation.

Weather influence. Clean and sunny weather considered as warm and and thirst accumulates faster, while moist and rainy weather slow it down.

Activity influence. Sprinting will force hunger, thirst and sleepless level grow faster. Siting or sneaking will slow it down.

Time of day influence. In night you thirst accumulates slower. Night time considered from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Combat mobilisation. When you enter in combat you feel adrenaline push and your metabolism speeds up. In combat hunger, thirst and sleepless grow much faster. Combat considered as begined when your sneaking state changes to [DANGER] and over when it becomes [HIDDEN].

Penalty leniency. While in combat new penalties will not be applied no matter how far you will exceed threshold. But once combat is over you will feel everything.

Metabolism slowing on sleep. When you sleeping your hunger and thirst accumulation is halved.

Cumulative growth rate. Weather, activity, combat and sleep influences is all multiplicative. Means if you will sleep at night at rainy weather your metabolism stats will grow very slow. At the same time if you will fight in clear sunny weather and moving with sprint your metabolism stats will grow very fast.

Sound effects. When you hungry you will hear your stomach rumbles. When you thirsty you will cough. When you sleepy you will yawn (currently very quiet sound).

Visual effects. When you get sleepy your vision will be blurry, and also you get spontaneous DoF problems.

Ingestibles common sense. Some food will restore more of your hunger, some less. More than that, some food will restore your thirst, but some will drain it. Alcohol restore some portion of thirst, but after some time thirst will strike back! All chems considered as psycho stimulators and restore sleepless, but you can't all the time on high, sleepless level will return after some time.

Reasonable consumption. Food, drinks and chems has minimum restore value and restore percent. Whichever is higher will be applied. Means you will not end up after five days of starvation eating five brahmin and drinking cistern of water.

Food spoilage. Some food will spoil fast, some slow, and some not at all. When food item is spoiled in player inventory will be added stale analog of item.

Recycle. You can recycle spoiled food into fertilizer at chem lab. recipes will shown under UTILITY category and only if you have some spoiled food, so your utility category will not be bloated.

Disease. Eating uncooked or stale food, get bitten by dirty mole rats, not caring about your sleep need, getting too much rads, overuse of stimpaks - all this may have serious consequences now.

Immunity resistance. While Wasteland harsh and disease sources spread every where you are not a weaky sissy, your body can fight! However, the lesser your health level and higher your needs deprivation the worse your body do this work.

Unique medicine. There is no universal magical thing that will cure all your diseases, you have to craft unique medicine for every kind of disease. Use chem lab to make cures, or use cooking station for some of it, collect penicillium fungus from stale fruits and vegetables, and build blood transfusion station. (*Antibiotics from vanilla survival mode can be converted to HMO antibiotics at chem lab)

Easter egg. Remember I said there is no 'unique medicine' just on line before? Well, I lied :P There is one, but you have to figure out what is it.

Customizable. You can customize some variable of mod like needs limits, needs growth rate, penalties threshold etc. Also you can turn off and on entire modules. To access settings menu use holotape that you recieved at mod first launch.

Archive invalidation instructions.
Automatic: use NMM to install it with fomod.
Manually: copy files from 'DATA' catalogue in archive to your game 'Data' folder. Copy .esp file from 'Core' catalogue in archive to 'Data' folder. Check out 'Support patches' catalogue, there is some .esp you may need. 'TS' in names is for 'True Storms' mod, 'MI' is for 'Mojave Imports' mod, 'WC-i' is for 'Wastelander's Cookbook' mod and immersive version, 'WC-l' is for 'Wastelander's Cookbook' mod and light version.

Before deleting files special preparation is needed. Open game and load last save. Now deactivate mod through mod settings menu (use holotape) or directly with console command:
cqf hmo_core deinitialize 0
Wait for several seconds, script will unregister itself and purge all effects from player. When it's done message will pop up. After it save your game and exit. Now you can delete files related to mod.

Compatibility and conflicts
This mod does not modify any of ingestibles so it absolutely compatible with any sorting mods and mods that modify existing ingestibles in any way. New ingestibles added by other mods will be ignored unless this mod's author provide special patch. Entities that this mod override is one that apply effects on drinking environmental water and cannibal perk effects (00024FBF , 000B1ECD, 001FE6A4, 0005B2E0), also leveled lists 0006D4AB, 0006D4AC, 0006D4AD, 0009C2B8, 001BA1A8, 0022335C.

This section is for modders. This mod comes as .esm master file and can be used as modder resource to fit new ingestibles from third party mods in this survival concept. To do it DO NOT edit form lists with ingestibles as it may and will cause conflicts with similar mods. Instead use special provided keywords. Add as many keywords to your ingestible as you need. Duplicated keywords will be ignored. Read this for more details.

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Caprica Papyrus Compiler and Champollion PEX to Papyrus Decompiler by Orvid
PexInspector (Fallout 4 and Skyrim Script Editor) by Zerratar
SamusKnight2K - human understandable descriptions in settings menu.
Sounds: sounds taken from www.freesound.org
Stomach sounds belongs to Otakua
Cough sounds (male) belongs to Fratz
Yawn sounds (male) belongs to OwlStorm
Cough sounds (female) belongs to K1m218
Yawn sounds (female) belongs to LittleRainySeasons, sheblum

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