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Sick of molerats and bloatflys triggering epic combat music? So are we.

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Why spoil the surprise?

Completely change the way the game's music system to behaves. 

*WarningThis mod may cause you to jump out of your seat!

There are 4 versions:

 Ambience - provides a continuous stream of ambient explore tracks. Combat music will never trigger.
High level threats - Combat music will only trigger for encounters that could easily kill you, like Swan or legendary enemies. Ambient explore tracks play outside of battle.

High level threats, no ambient music - Combat music will play for encounters that could easily kill you, like Swan or legendary enemies. Ambient explore tracks do not play outside of battle. 

Silence - Only the sounds of the wasteland will fill your ears.

Click the download with NMM button and activate.

Deactivate in NMM.

Load Order:
Place after mods that edit music.


 Why did you create this?
 I always felt it was silly that you knew you being attacked simply because the musical cue told you so. Having combat music play before even spotting an enemy hurts the atmosphere of the game. It removes all the suspense and danger that comes from exploring the post apocalyptic wasteland. What's worse, half the time your stalker is nothing more than a molerat or bloatfly...

Does this add music?
No, it simply changes the way ambient and combat music behaves.

Is this compatible with...?
As long as you place it after audio mods everything should be fine.
Sound of Silence users:
Dynamic Music Overhaul's "high level threats" .esp
 edits the same Combat tracks and will conflict unless you select Combat music to play in SoS.

Recommended mods:

Digital Nightmare
  • Digital Nightmare is a full music soundtrack mod for players who want dark, dangerous atmospheric background music to enhance their Fallout experience. I've been using this mod on and off since Fallout 3, and is one of the few soundtracks that rival the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Music Mod.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Music Mod 
  • I find the vanilla exploration tracks a little... plain. I've always loved STALKER's music for it's incredibly creepy atmosphere. It fits right in with the Fallout universe.