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Replacements for the Vanilla Settlers. New faces, custom hairstyles, and custom male facial hair created using the vanilla settlers as the starting point.

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This plugin replaces the vanilla settlers with new faces, custom hairstyles and custom facial hair.

Each face started out as a vanilla settler and was customized using the character creation tools.


3/19/16 - VERSION 1.11 UPDATE: Version 1.11 is a minor fix for a male settler (image: top row, 5th from left) not appearing correctly, was being replaced by the Male Settler Template Face (image: top row, 4th from left). Now corrected.


3/13/16 - VERSION 1.1 UPDATE: Version 1.1 modifies all vanilla settler replacement faces from v. 1.0, and adds custom hairstyles and custom facial hair from my mods Lots More Facial HairLots More Male Hairstyles, and Lots More Female Hairstyles. All three hair mods are required for V. 1.1.


For best visual results, the following mods were used:
Valkyr's Female Face Texture
CBBE - Curvy Preset
True Eyes

Extract into your DATA folder and add the ESP filename to your PLUGINS file, or download and install using NMM.