About this mod

Adds a unique custom made lore friendly, stylish, and highly detailed female armor to the game now with 4 different styles.

Permissions and credits

Hello Guys, before we get started you should know that English is not my native language so please take your hands of the whip :)

This is basically my first mod, I am not a modder, I never really find the time for it , but i have been downloading all those wonderful mods from too many different talented modders over the years (Caliente, ousnius, DeserterX are some shining examples) and decided to get off my butt and make something for you all as a small payback, today I present you with my first armor mod: The Wasteland Girl Armor


Something that really bothered me about the Fallout 4, that every important character and companion is given a unique custom armor or outfit, all but the most important one of them : The Sole Survivor; i liked the vault suit problem is all vault dwellers in the Fallout universe are wearing it; i liked the bomber jacket and leather armors very stylish except that 50 percent of the brotherhoood members strut about with the bomber jackets and 90 percent of the raiders wear the damn leather armor!

I started to work on a simple yet effective design that is (in my prespective) related and unique to the sole survivor, i envisioned my female sole survivor to be sexy, strong and fashionable, with these traits in mind i designed my armor: it is fashionable but will not make you feel like your character is meant to fight a Chocobo instead of a Super Mutant Behemoth, it is sexy but is not meant to be over the top provocative, it is also lore-friendly and functional at the same time.

All pieces of the armor are custom designed, new custom meshes, new custom textures; nothing is used or reused from the vanilla game in any form.

The armor is created using the CBBE body as base from the first modelling stage so it will look best on the original unmorphed CBBE or CBBE Curvy bodies.

The armor consists of the following pieces:
  • Detailed Jeans Piece with wrinkles, dirt and tears with additional accessories like a knee pad, ammo pouches, water bottle, general purpose mini bag, belt, belt buckle, and leg straps.
  • Protective (sort of) Bikini Piece with leather straps and metal parts to protect the breast area.
  • Custom made highly detailed mountain boots with a unique design.
  • Custom made gloves with metallic parts.
  • A highly detailed and fashionable corset piece.
  • A very fashionable jacket inspired from the brotherhood's bomber jacket

Bodsyslide data is included as well inside the mod file for your customization needs.

There are two texture resolutions provided: 4K and 2K, to experience the armor as it is meant to be downloading the 4K version is an absolute must, if you have a pre-historic machine that barly runs the game then the 2K version is your friend.


Automatic Installation:

Use Nexus Mod Manager to automatically install the mod.

Manual Installation:

Just drop the content of the 7z archive (the Data folder) inside your main fallout installation directory.


Armorsmith compatibility and AIO patches are available from these links thanks to SkyCrap:

Wasteland Girl Armor Reloaded MultiPack All-In-One

Wasteland Girl Armor AWKCR_AE Patch


You can craft the armor pieces using Chem Crafting Station, the armor could be found inside the "Utilities" category.


If you find any problems or unexpected behaviors please report them and i will work to fix them in due time.

Please note that  I will not address any problems regarding cliping that may happen with meshes produced by bodyslide (except for the main cbbe curvy preset), it is a fact we all have to live with that bodyslide does not produce perfect clipping free meshes, if one of your meshes has any clipping fixing this issue is ridiculously easy provided you have the 2 minutes it takes to import the mesh in outfit studio, select the pull (or push) brush and gently stroke the clipped area and BAM! Re-export the mesh and you're good to go.

If you have ridiculously proportioned female body with XXXXXXXL  breast or but sizes the bodyslide output may not be as perfect as it should be, in this case it is advisable to use bodyslide to manualy shape the armor pieces to fit your character's body.

Some areas of the armor do not bend 100% as expected under some movements , this is because bodyslide does not (as far as i know) have per-vertex weighting functionalities, I have done all i can with the weight painting brush and those areras behave as expected 95% of the time so there will be no need to re-paint the weights in any external tools like Maya or Max (I absolutely DESPISE the weight painting process).

The armor is designed with the main character in mind so giving it to your followers is highly inadvisable.


You can do whatever you want with any resource included in this mod as long as you credit me and link to the mod page here in Nexus and obviously you're not allowed to use any or parts of the mod commercially under any circumstances, i am a real "free mods for all" cheerleader so watch out :)