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Yennefer's hair from the Witcher 3, ported by Atherisz, now with added physics

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This mod adds physics to Yennefer's hair from the Witcher 3, that was ported with permission from CD PROJEKT RED by Atherisz. 

This mod will not work without Misc Hairstyles 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6

Use NMM or extract to Fallout/Data
You must have the Misc Hairstyles mod! Not on Nexus, Google it. 
Install that first.
Do note the textures for this hair are rather dark, so this hair with look best with dark colors, though I added a lighter option.
You may see the scalp when running and jumping with the camera angled downwards
Some clipping into face and shoulder

Yennefer is from The Witcher 3 belong to CD Project Red
Converted Model and Texture by 3dregenerator
Converted Model/Texture and modified by Atherisz
Physics by ANiceOakTree


Video Preview
Yennefer hair is at 0:18 and 3:28
About Misc Hairstyles with Physics

My mod had to be removed from the Nexus due to copyright stuff. It's still around where I first uploaded it, but DO NOT link to it as this is against site rules. If you try not that hard you can find it though.

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Release, dependent on Misc Hairstyles

Adds "Lighter" color option. Works best for non-black hair colorings.