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Bring the pain.

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Update 2.3

Minor tweaks like sights etc, nothing crazy
Update 2.2

New model and textures (Check first 6 pics)
Fixed some audio issues- mostly at night, mostly

Update 2.0

-Complete rework of animations, still a bit off on front hand positioning and reload hand positioning but can't do anything about that now.
-Added new sight options
-Reworked guns scaling etc, she is now a low fire rate automatic which can be upgraded in fire rate at cost of dmg etc or just plain damage
-Better accuracy with scopes allowing it to be used as a medium range full auto sniper
-Fixed weight issue
-Fixed Aim and first person holding issues
-Changed some things like fire rate from the video to be a bit lower

This gun is so pretty and lifelike you may find yourself asking "Why are Bethesda's textures so flipping terrible?"
This gun also achieves that effect using ONLY 2k and lower textures, leading some to question the obsession over 4k+ textures. We can't help you there, the general public are sheep.
If you find that your mindless obsession with 4k+ and immersion named mods has been irrevocably shattered, you're welcome, have fun in the thinking part of the mod user category from here on forth.
(Also, just wait till I let him give me 4k f'ing textures, some of you may have to start wearing adult diapers.)

H&K UMP 45
For when you absolutely just gotta kill every M****r F****r running across your settlement borders.

Adds a craftable UMP 45 under 'utility' in the chemistry station. After there are various upgrades available at the weapons workbench.